Monday, January 12, 2009

Wang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Temple is located in the city of Central banks of the Fuxi He. Beiyi Longfengshan, is a unique clearance by the middle of construction. The main traditional methods of ancient architecture layout, along axis stage is followed, and open wells in the main hall. Anti-Japanese War when the existing buildings in the urban highway repair were removed. Tongzhi years, "Fushun County," Wang will be under the clip temples and the artesian well as the mouth of one of the scenic spots. Wang at the beginning of this century, the temple has Zigong salt from salt traders have a large boundary Wang Yu. LI Chun-lin made the auspices of Peixiu, local merchants, as enshrined in the town water Wang, as well as viewing the temple, scene tours, tea and hold the Lantern Festival. Wang mountains Water Temple, squat single - Is not only the best construction and a scenic resort. Well-preserved temple of the stage, it is no longer in Sichuan Xin see the Sichuan Opera in the Qing Dynasty stage. Lean on a railing with a little perspective, towering rocks in the river, the river is called Shilong; the other side of the shade trees, peach Um, albeit not very clearly, the old stone. Meandering shore, the Glass Pavilion, right next to the separation of Shinto monument. Old quarry area Engraved with the "fish pond call the" big three seed, according to legend Su handwriting. Temple East Shek Pik, Juan Feng Yuxiang a hand-written "I also rivers and mountains" words, the more enriched by Wang Jing Tian Temple. Tiyong predecessors had: "You Qi born Gap insurance", "good poem temple Wangyehs." Wang is a famous temple for the Zigong Linjiang of the restaurant, during the Spring Festival Lantern Festival, temple lanterns hung on the poles, the poles on the temple are covered lanterns bridge lantern, the temple was put on red wounded, was ablaze with lights and ran. Wang Temple is a beautifully refined on behalf of the construction, covers an area of 1000 square meters. Founded during the ominous, but no later than Tongzhi in the Qing period. Qing Emperor Guangxu 32 1906) and built a new Xilou. Block, north-east to south-west of the temple, with a total construction area of 900 square meters. Xilou for wood lift beam structure, roof-Danyanxieshan, 4.1 m-high, Miankuo 8.9 meters, 8.85 meters into the deep, Xilou 2.8 meters high from the ground. Xilou use carry-wood structure of the building Liang Danyanxieshan-style roof. Zheng Ji both ends of the owl is the kiss, the median home a bunch of Fire Dragon Pearl, the colorful splendor. Wang construction of the temple of science, a unique layout, compact, slim, sleek; ornate, delicate carvings, set in a Diaolianghuadong. Decorative sculpture figures to the scene for more drama. This study is the Sichuan Opera at the time Social practices, customs, have important historical value.

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