Monday, January 12, 2009

Guangdong Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the Baise, can not help but look at Baise Uprising Memorial Hall and the Guangdong Center, which is seven Red Army military site, has preserved the historical successor generation. Baise Uprising Memorial Hall is not just to display the historical revolution, the memorial itself is a beautiful landscape, which is located in Youjiang River hill, condescending, Baise City Panoramic view, like Silver Chain Youjiang winding away, and also to build a grand memorial, awesome momentum.

Guangdong is the Baise Uprising Command Center, is living in the Qing Dynasty Bose built by the Guangzhou merchants. Architectural style and design is very similar to the Chen Clan, Xiang Man Shek Wan on the roof of the doll. Color City, not only beautiful but also Xianyao terrain, which are easily accessible, is leading to Yunnan, Guizhou's throat. As the water Youjiang, the four seasons shipping can be, the 100 freighter can be through Guangzhou, Hong Kong. As a result, Yunnan, Guizhou and even all over the country, particularly in Guangdong and merchants gathered in Baise. Guangdong because of the increasing number of companies, Guangdong Bose will naturally become the language of the city. With the commercial development of the city have been set up for a group of businessmen around the service center, such as the Guangdong Center, the State Center of Hope, the Center of Yunnan, Guizhou Hall, Jiangxi, such as Hall, Guangdong Center, the largest and most luxurious style . Unfortunately, due to For the damage, in addition to eastern Guangdong Center, the State Center of Hope, the other Hall no longer exists. Hall eastern Guangdong, Guangdong businessmen to raise funds to build, was built in 59 years of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1721), many times after the renovation. Guangdong, where the business came to Baise, go to eastern Guangdong staying Hall, the gathering of business negotiations, and so on. Guangdong Center, is an ancient brick buildings, old buildings with the South's traditional arts and style. Baise City is located in the liberation of walking street, the whole construction area of 2331 square meters, construction area of 2661 square meters. Hall Block west to east, before, during and after the main axis of the three major temples, on both sides of the Relative to that of the four into the room and veranda (Music: wu) Gallery, a "Day"-shaped buildings closed independence. Gallery veranda temples, the layout of the strict access the courtyard, paved in red brick and order be rectangular stone, Langxia Hall, is all solid wood large cylindrical or square granite pillars support. In the middle of the main building of the three major temples in the Also present on the walls to preserve the integrity of the very beautiful murals ink. It can be said that the whole building is a work of art of culture and education.

  December 11, 1929, Comrade Deng Xiaoping made a successful launch Baise Uprising, at the same time, Bose??????seventh in the military establishment. Set up military commander And the Special Branch headquarters is located in eastern Guangdong Hall, the headquarters of their staff, managers, aide-de-camp, the surgeon, and so on in the office here. Deng Xiaoping, Zhang Yunyi office and living room furnishings are very simple, each a bed and a desk, bed sitting Office. Their bed by a long pine boards and The bench structure which they and other members refers to the station wearing the same clothes, covered the same uniform, eat the same food for the armed forces has set a good example of hard work.

  CPC Central Committee and State Council and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee, People's Army red seven military attaches great importance to the protection of the site. 1 61 years on March 26, autonomous regions and the People's Red Army seven military site as a key cultural autonomous units, at the same time, in the former site of the establishment of a "Youjiang Revolutionary Museum." August 17, 1977, Comrade Deng Xiaoping brush for the former site of the Red Army Title VII:??????Seventh Army military site. 1 88 years on January 13, the State Council, also seven Red Army military site as a "national key cultural unit."

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