Monday, January 12, 2009

Lantern Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zigong Lantern Park is located in Zigong City in prime locations, covering 10.3 hectares, of which the water area of 0.75 hectares, the garden is a pleasure for a comprehensive cultural park. Zigong Lantern Festival is organized by major local venues. Lantern Park was established in 1930, named "Fuming Creek Park , In 1941 changed its name to "Huisheng Park." In 1950 changed its name to "People's Park in Zigong City." In 1988 by the city under the approval of the Zigong lantern leadership of the trade commission, changed its name to "Zigong Lantern Park." Shan Ying in the water, water in the mountains of the Central, "a folder Hill Lake," the Zigong lantern Li Yi Park scenery, picturesque scenery. Nanshan dominating the Pohuan wide a unique style, flavor of the "Museum of Chinese Lantern"; Jade, lush green trees located in the northern style of a strange, complicated and confusing "magic city." Man-made lake rippling blue waves, tree-lined both sides of the strait, Yan flowers; narrowly Recreation Area Fun; bonsai area 22 meters long carved Choi Bonsai "Dong" magnificent, profound idea. Park are currently being Zigong lantern carnivals and cultural theme park development, and better service for the majority of the tourists, increase the investment, development and construction efforts, and I welcome people of insight Co-operation.

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