Monday, January 12, 2009

Fulu River Falls group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fulu River Falls is located in Baise group of South West Water Wang Ling-lin of protected areas in the hinterland, and Raoshan Fulu River, two-meter-high Dieshui more than a hundred of multiple, ranging from the formation of high and low, width varies with the endless stream of more than Waterfall-class group, is "green shadow of Castle Peak, Castle Peak Piaomiao fog; show visitors green water, water Jiao Jiao people." Among them, he Fulu the most charming scenery: Fulu clear river water quality, bottom round, far away from downtown, not by industrial pollution. There are hundreds of waterfalls-class, high and low ranges, different patterns, like Xiaojiabiyu beautiful and elegant, unique; the river is rich in fishery resources Some of the precious wild species, such as Huang, fish, flowers, yellow Siniperca can be seen everywhere, and so on, very attractive. Tai Wang Ling is rich in natural resources, such as plants and animals. Wang Ling whole big mountain with well-preserved vegetation, lush, relaxed and happy people. Billy is a lot of rare trees, plants, animals and rare birds, such as Long was born in a total of the same age at the national level to protect plants Cyatheaceae, the national animal protection of pangolins, civet cats, chickens grasp the rare tiger, great medicinal value of long life, such as Fort San Domingo in the chicken here, constitute Fulu River Falls in the Forest Park group A bright spot.

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