Monday, January 12, 2009

Hill Bowang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bowang Hill is located in the city of Yibin in Sichuan Province in Xingwen County, is a mountain at the provincial level scenic spots, with a total area of 10,000 km-60. Bowang Hill area: Shi-rural part of the scenic spots from Bowang Hill, Peak Hill constitute a landscape of the two.

  In the county seat 20 kilometers west of the town of Yan Yang, slot Linked to street traffic leaf, stem Bowang Hill to a few salient, Jueya walls of the air, and the main peak towering Mao Ding, up to 1180 meters above sea level. L Hill lush vegetation, are the vast sea, quiet Jingya; Mountain Gate valley streams, waterfalls and lakes Tam, rock caves and other natural landscape character melt Ye Zhou, totally natural. Set landscape of the essence, the Department of Grand Falls. Bowang Hill from south to north five streams in through the Mountain Gate in the valley so far through, the formation of the large number of various shapes and falls: there are ups and downs of Mengxi Diebao; have been Fei Liu Pu, such as the White Dragon Chu Dong Longquan waterfall: "roared three times to rain on the" voice of the waterfall; there is rain Falls are all of the Po Valley basin Wai waterfall ... ...


  Bo without this, stay-Guzhai, fascinated attractive. Bowang Hill is famous since ancient times. Xi-stone of Dazhai, store large round tie, also known as the South Spring Hill. Since the Song Dynasty, is here to hold all people (that is, the Bo tribe) of interest-bearing land. Set records: Song and the five-year (Year 1115), five Du Yi (Bo of a person) as a base for Hill. Qi Bing get, therefore Bowang also known as Shan Shan Wang Bo. So far, the mountains were also kept by Bo Jian, Zhai Men small, ancient walls, the ancient castle, and other battlefield sites.


  In February 2000, Wang has been Sichuan Provincial People's Government Hill formally approved at the provincial level for key scenic spots. Sleeping Mountain, Xu spring, and happily among the attractions on the lam. With the development of tourism continued to deepen, Bowang Hill is bound by its charming landscape of mountains and rivers, the magic people burn high-quality cultural and ecological environment have become the majority of leisure travelers degrees And sightseeing, and the first to experience the world? Quot; ecological and health, "the theme of content and enjoy the return to nature." Harmony between man and nature "of endless fun tourist destination.

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