Monday, January 12, 2009

Liu cloth - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guangxi music industry mill in the rural county could have flow on the edge of Tuen a quiet throughout - Liu cloth, which in the music industry to the north of Taishi Wei doline group, 51 km from the county seat. Liu cloth in Legend of Toyama outflow from the Jiuquan, Zhuang as "cloth" means that Stephen, "Liu" means wine. Liu Tian Lin cloth originated in the county Wang Shan, flows through the LING Yun, and enjoy three Tian'e County, Longtan in the Red River into the reservoir area, a total length of 132 kilometers, an area of tropical rain forests. Liu said the cloth was the Grand Canyon, Taishi Wei doline is an integral part of the group. Doline group in the clouds on the ground floor of the underground river, a Hui Jucheng here on the ground to ease the river. By raft downstream, the two sides can be seen along the steep cliffs, dense forest, the forest coverage rate reached 90%, the deep-rooted trees, vines hanging down one large-scale, but also "the root plate strangulation," "the old flowering stems," and so on tropical rain forest Only in the phenomenon of a wide variety of plants. Liu cloth annual tree-lined, wild Groups, the shuttle fish, birds contend, the experts say no "to the Kingdom of plants, birds of paradise" and "Journey to heaven," the title as well as "the first southern drift" It's known. Liu is a cloth on the three big mountains by the collapse of the formation of natural stone arch bridge, known locally as "fairy bridge", located in the drift Downstream section. Like a celestial dragon bridge across the river in both sides of the bridge 145 meters high and 78 meters thick Bridge, the arch-hole 67 meters high and 177 m span, not as Sedum, magnificent momentum, is a rare natural stone arch bridge. Experts have been called the most beautiful of the world's largest water Tianshengqiao with high aesthetic appeal. Liu mountain of cross-strait cloth overlap between peaks surprising elevation peaks in 1100 - 1200 meters, the total length of 15.3 km river rafting, with a total drop 26.8 meters, with an average slope of hydraulic lung 1.8 ?, river bed elevation 413 - 388 meters wide surface 5 - 35 meters water depth of 0.3 - 5 m Immortal in the vicinity of the bridge more than 8 meters), water temperature 21.5 - 22.8 ?. River rafting has a total of 12 major beaches, the turbulent 10, 14 river bends. The main flood land by the sandstone-type material, more rock river bed. There are shore-Shu Gan, a Yudong (also known as cold seeps holes), and other cave, and these spots drift Xiangyingchengqu River, the beauty of the stack, it is pleasant linger.

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