Monday, January 12, 2009

Bo paste Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baise is located 53 km to the roadside Lingyun, Lake 2 km long, 300-500 meters wide, the lake to the right bank of the old quarry area, on the left bank of land for the mountain, Shanqingshuixiu, beautiful scenery. It is the shape of artificial scenery of the area, but also hydropower development, tourism development projects compatible with one. Whenever night fell, on transit, Reflected in, do not have taste, from the wave Tie boating lake can cloud Rushen Dragon King's palace, for Cidong Cheng Bi Fu Liu river, the river inside the cave, and the gentle flow, can cruise slowly forward. Hole 1,000 meters long, like a crystal palace, the White Plus water hole, diving bottom. Into the cave, filled with clouds, as if to enter fairyland, named Dragon King's palace Scenes inside the cave, thousands, thousands of stalactite, vivid, with the wave form and sisters Tie Lake scenic spots.

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