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Fushun West Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Lake is located in Fushun county in Xibei Yu, is an artificial modification of natural lakes, the North South small, flat shape of the gourd, are renowned for their well-known lotus. West Lake was Zhongxiu, turtles, five House, agate Zhushan the natural convergence rain depression. As early as the Song Dynasty have been infrequent cutting, for masonry embankment, the tunnel into a lake, "Lake on June 7 in width." By Dai Pei Xiu embellishment, one after another to build the "Office of the West Lake, Huguang Pavilion, Ling Po-ting, blowing Xiangting, Spring Breeze Pavilion, the pavilion up, Laoting Kan, Mrs King-ting, Taiwan, noble, independent Taiwan." Wei Yi lake, Ting Xie echoed Quqiao even hook, young lotus, lotus leaves next day, an out weeping. West Lake in Hangzhou, like floating restaurant created by the ship-fang, One display feast, a banquet guests. In particular pleasure boat, the lake waves, how many have left the ancient anecdotes. Ming Dynasty scholar Yang Shengan, as a result of offending the emperor, Yunnan, Liu Yu, Fushun Special Bypass, Bear had a friend call. West Lake has boating, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake. Ling Po and the Netherlands could see mushroom, green Weiran Red and Green matched, two-person boat swig, Bujiandangnian pride. When the setting sun to twilight hours, Xiong Yang Shengan see over the nine-year-old son Xiongdun Park bright, has been followed around, it feels that the entrance exams he one, the Alliance is: "Sunset is Ping Shen," Xiongdun Luejiasisuo Park, Immediately: "Back to the pneumatic boat lotus root." Sheng An overjoyed, shouted praise: "John Court was also true!" Consequences in the examination. Qing dynasty, Liu first tour of the West Lake County, all sorts of feelings, has written a Qilu, "Fushun West Wing." It has been said that in ancient times: "Among all of the West Lake, West Lake A Fushun, Sichuan," Liu from the first poem to see the general. However, by Weihuzaotian population ages, housing, especially in the Ming Tak years, building walls, separated from the general to the lake outside the city, the city reduced the lake. However, until the end of the Qing Dynasty, the lake still has 12 Tingxie up the house. By the time the Republic of China was almost completely destroyed. After the liberation, there are 1680 meters circumference of the West Lake, 51 acres of water. 984, Fushun County People's Government allocated 10 minutes into the Xiushan, the five-Hill House between Ping Qiao Shi, for the combination of 3-arch stone bridge Kong Long Wind; widen into a theater of the West Lake Mountain House five-stone; from the Park Ship repair-mouth lake connectivity of the newly built heart of the blue booth, the red lotus pavilion Jiuqu Qiao. Bridge-phase shore, is a pavilion Yuli's West girl statue, lotus foot, hand-held basket, visual Lake in Hebi red leaves, Enuoduozi. Visitors can cross the West girls, to booths from Jiuqu Qiao, leisurely tea pavilion and Syria, watch the scenery. Bibo is a kiosk in a Western-style landscape architecture, Diaolianghuadong, antique, there is a pavilion on the couplet: "on behalf of different people Ze River; soul on future generations as Heart Lake. "Apparently praised the Reform Movement in Qing Dynasty Six Liu Yiren, one of the first. Is in front of the spacious and bright red lotus pavilion, two winding dragon column, Huan was like, there is also a pillar couplet," Hung Ying and the Netherlands and Japan Panicum Lvliu object in the wind at the end of Der Spiegel; water kiosks around the three visitors were 9 bridged into the picture . "Lean on a railing with a little perspective, lotus lake, or down red-Dutch Lu, Ying-Ying want to drop, rain or white and the Netherlands, bringing a time, just some of open water, Moon, Bristol Pinnacle leaf, green ball plate. Willow look to the shore, Light winds and soft Dangqi fishes, it is exhilarating. Even take up around the West Lake scenic spots and historical sites, the head is too busy . West Lake to the north, there are green and luxuriant five House Hill, the top five-star red Qing Zhao Wei-ran martyrs monument stand, Liu is also the first tomb in the Hill; Lake east Kosai, a famous Qing Dynasty scholar Duan of Fushun county magistrate House, the former site of the school; there is a new theater of the West Lake of the lake and the Drum Tower 10 minutes; south of the West Lake, the Song Yi Master Li Gong, see the book easy to read the hole; south-west of the city there are many hills in 10 minutes of Xiushan, the mountains green trees, beautiful scenery; west of West Lake, built in the Tang Dynasty, the famous ancient temples of the expansion of the Song capital site of Temple, said Luo Fu Tung, a more spacious inside Kongkuo, Dongnuanxialiang Office of the curtain; rock in a new Hall of Avalokitesvara, the Hong Its peak, his followers can not. Dangzhou West Lake, can be easily read from the side of the hole or mouth toad, to bypass the Jiuqu Qiao, red lotus pavilion, with blue booths, wearing a Long Feng Bridge, reaching Huguang Pavilion, Garden Bay, through the lotus leaves Cong , Huguangshanse tours all over, it is refreshing.

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