Monday, January 12, 2009

Vietnam to cross-border - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There is a saying in Vietnamese folk "less than Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is not to the" Vietnam is located in north-east of Ha Long Bay, 150 km from the capital, Hanoi. Ha Long Bay over the bedrock to the main island of colors and shapes of the island's Wutu, number several hundred, is the world's most magnificent karst areas, have been to call "Guilin on the sea." Ha Long Bay after a large cargo ship have to slow down traffic, so as not to damage the environment beautiful. Beihai City Tourism companies have "Vietnam under the three-day-long tour," "Ha Long, Hai Phong, Hanoi four-day three-night tour" and other projects at a cost of 1350 yuan is the general /-1850 yuan /person Body depends on the number of days of play may be, if more than 10 small college can be discounted. Visitors can ID card so that your local travel agent for the Chinese side, the Vietnamese side of the provisional clearance. Just three days ahead of the name, identity card number, time of departure plans can be faxed to a travel agency.

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