Monday, January 12, 2009

The ancient town of Sin City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zigong has a history of 1,400 years of the millennium ancient town is important Fuxi He was one of the terminals, building retains the original style, the ancestral hall of the many temples. Sally town Fuxi He leaned in the banks, which experienced the Millennium town storms are still a lot of charm still. Well Salt was once the Sichuan Zigong the necessary land, For the ancient salt along the Pearl, because of the "four Street, stack four or five three-terminal Temple, a three carp of St. Paul, the monument nine, ten land", as well as the exquisite classical buildings and the Buddhist culture and prosperity of the world-renowned. As a result, was approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government for the provincial historical and cultural city and provincial level have been identified as the pilot of small cities and towns in the town ?? ?? Since reform and opening up the ancient town have enjoyed great development. Here is rich in ancient cultural and natural landscape, even the name is derived from the ancient town of beautiful legend: "The daughter of the Jade Emperor, was intoxicated with the beauty of the world, Fuxi He Xiafan side in the shore and sleep soundly Happy 000 - Sally Beach . As a result, ancient architectural art and Buddhist culture of this ancient town is full of charm, the late Ming and early Qing ancient buildings: the South China Palace (built in 1962 AD), the sky palace (built in 1850) Daiwa red walls, the public-ao Gao Qiao, Diaolianghuadong, wooden animals, flowers, fish, different shapes, and lifelike. In the Buddhist culture is also flourishing, many Buddha sculptures, incense-filled year round, the temple bell echoed ancient town, and that "fairy valley", had "the Jade Pool," said Cliff, there are stone, the Guanyin Cave and the moon Well , And other historical sites. Mr. Zhao Puchu calligrapher of the title "Golden Bridge Temple", is now the Sichuan Online travel sites of Buddhist culture, Sin City, many of these cultural and natural landscape, the Government has been planning, protection, development, construction, the ancient town to promote the cause of the economic and social development, which will be famous historical and cultural towns and write a new Chapter.

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