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Bose Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baise, Guangxi is located in the western region, where beautiful mountains and rivers, rich, very rich and customs of ethnic minorities, under the jurisdiction of the city of Baise, Pingguo County, Xilin 12 counties (cities), Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces of the border and transport hub Distribution of goods.

19 9 years older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Deng Xiaoping here to launch and lead a well-known Baise Uprising, founded??????Seventh Army, a Soviet people's government, "Deng Xiaoping's tour footprints" for the quality of the Baise area tourism Is quietly rising, Bose has started to become China's Yan'an, following, well After Hill's also a feature of the old revolutionary base areas of tourist attraction.

Bose is relatively rich in tourism resources. Human landscape in order to have the Baise Uprising Memorial Hall as the representative of the National Patriotism Education Base; have to get Gun-Fu Road for the hard work on behalf of the education bases; there Jingxilieshi cemetery, 12, represented the door of the national defense education bases and so on. The natural landscape in order to have a Bose Lake Chengbi represented Huguangshanse; Jingxi to have a psychic Grand Canyon represented by the wonders of the world; to have satisfied Ling-Ling, Paul De Ji Xing Yan represented by the wonders of the cave; have to have Pingguo Aluminum Represented by the modern tourism industry Manner.

Baise region has a long history, beautiful mountains and rivers, scenic and colorful ethnic customs, tourism resources and great potential. With the Nanning-Kunming Railway, Nanning to Baise secondary roads, to Baise Guizhou Panxian three highway was opened to traffic, Youjiang channel training, Bose will be Onishi Easy access to the sea and an important transport hub, the regional advantages become more significant. As of the end of 1997, focused on areas of scenic spots 2, a state-level - Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, a provincial - Cheng Bi Lake Scenic Area; Huang Nature Reserve 13, the main tourist areas there are 2.

  Bose has Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Yi, Gelo, 7 and so on back to the nation, the minority population accounts for 87% of the total population. Zhuang region-wide three-March folk song festival, Yao Wang plate section, Miao jump slope section, the section Mulao planting more than 20 traditional festivals, people of all nationalities Red Green, put on gold and silver, folk songs, songs rush Wei, his strong play, jump Lusheng dance, and so on, full of rich customs of ethnic minorities.

  San Bose, Shui Sau, quiet hole, very wonderful natural scenery, wonderful ethnic customs, where the world's music industry Taishi Wei underground cave doline group, 3 million years ago the ancient human sites in Baise Basin, the water matched the day Chengbi lake scenery, and sub-tropical plants of the Kingdom of Jingxi psychic Grand Canyon ... ... where you will experience a different nature, do not feel the same Culture, do not enjoy the same appetite for food and drinks, not to bring back the same feelings. Warm, hospitable, and advance the people's enthusiasm Bose Welcome.

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