Monday, January 12, 2009

Cold water falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the Water Dragon. Longlin Autonomous County of all ethnic groups in the 14 km south of cold water on the Hill. Mehta lower river originates from the mountains. It is a width of tens of meters, more than 100 meters high, long-term average flow of 5.23 cubic meters per second, Fei Bao, divided into 3 units: the left side of a, Shun and headed straight for the cliff, the momentum pounds extend rot; the right side of a From Would spit out holes and rocks, flying tan face, rising water vapor to form layers of mist; a middle, straight after a few meters, and along a prominent Yashang on the cliff, landing into a parabolic shape. At the foot of Lake flying plane falls, there is a considerable hole falls. Yuan Wang as the sky will cast aside their horses Bailian, with connecting heaven and earth, the sun exposure To form a seven-color rainbow, to show off dazzling. Are Lengshui Tan from the Almeida, 4 hours to build power stations, foot of the mountain at night, Yindeng 10,000, as if thomsonae Dragon, cold water falls to add luster to unlimited.

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