Monday, January 12, 2009

Pacific slope - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pacific slope Department Jiangshan peninsula in the middle, about 7 km away from the Fangchenggang, the boat can reach by car, less than a silver beach waves, I do not know the wide beach. Bay in the northern coastal hills multi-platform, and the Silver Wave Beach (Pacific slope) is the plain Yan Shen, Yimapingchuan it in the deep blue sea with such a large area only a dozen kilometers above the sea Hsu's vast tidal flats, smoke water Yuan Wang Meng Meng, to tell where the sea is, where is the beach. In fact, it is at sea there are beaches, beaches where the sea. No wonder some people say, less than a silver beach waves, I do not know the wide flat beach, I do not know the beaches of the United States! Silver waves as a result of sandy beach with perovskite, slightly prominent color. The beach-ping, even at high tide, the sea Hai Lang Tao, surging, people can still active in the frenzy, or water, or surfing, playing Bo hit, arbitrary and summary no accident. Man is the wave from the shore to go in depth Wu Liubai meters water depth only to the neck. If the tide receded, the beach is boundless generosity, any vehicle traveling on arbitrary, The large natural bathing beach. There are thousands of tourists visit Silver Beach waves, only one corner of the beach side. Long Beach and silver-phase of the coast is a vast expanse of grasslands, forest belt between the meantime, the sea breeze blowing over trees, with large waves corresponding Hu Shao, a town of regret to-day trend. Beach wind peacetime, such as the Department of static son, starting when the wind General angry beast. To enjoy the sea happiness, anger, sadness and joy of the state, parents may wish to visit Silver Beach waves!

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