Monday, December 15, 2008

Curitiba karaoke Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Curitiba karaoke at the tip of the lake, the father - Ata peak at the foot of the mountain, 191 km away from Kashgar, China and Pakistan after the lake from the highway, climbing from here Ata base camp near the peak (step-by-step walk or ride a resettlement Camel, 5 hours maximum). "Curitiba, karaoke," which means "Black Sea", 3600 meters above sea level, deep lake 30 With a total area of 10 square kilometers, is a high mountain Bingshi Moraine Lake. The water backed a mysterious Ata and towering peaks, snowy landscape with color, the scenery is very charming.

Lake Suba Shi Feng Mao grassy weeds, cattle and sheep flocks. Zhanfang of a Tajik and wooden, and a dedicated board Camp, 30 km north of the lake there is the mouth Buren transport stations, but also to provide accommodation for tourists.

  Kara Lake is located in Curitiba, the Pamirs in the eastern tip of the screen Shi Tage at the foot of the mountains and lakes in environmental protection, water lake lush, often in the Kirghiz herdsmen Zhu Mu. Encountered in fine weather, the clean water back Silver Peak, as Hun Huguangshanse one, picturesque scenery, is obsessed with intoxicated, according to Lake tourist reception center built, equipped with tents, yurts, yachts, camel, horse, and other needs for visitors.

  Is the world's rare plateau lakes. Bing-Feng around the lake surrounded by Setsurei, especially around public Nagel, the public grid Nine other Ata-Feng Feng and the lake has added even more magical and beautiful color. Calm in the days to come, silver-capped peaks, green grassland and livestock reflected on the lake in the lake, a beautiful anomaly. The annual summer and fall season, here is a stronghold of the mountaineering tourists, visitors in the past also visited the place. Zhanfang a lake, Mu Banfang for tourists staying, including fresh vegetables, the flavor of the meal, the bank also available for small rubber boat in the lake down the free travel, to enjoy the excellent scenery of the Pamirs.

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