Monday, December 15, 2008

Pacific Valley Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pacific Forest Park in Shaanxi Province is located in Huxian peaceful valley, 44 kilometers away from Xi'an, Xianyang 60 km with a total area of 2117 hectares. Mountain valley in the strange landscape, waterfalls, rapids, dangerous shoals, the Tang Dynasty was a powerful concept to spend the summer landscape park. Shek Mun Park, Lake palace, stone-boat, Huangyangchuan dam, birch five Bay 100 scenic spots. There are scenic waterfall group, all under the waterfall Tam, Tam into the Fei Bao, among Melaleuca fog to form a 10,000-hong, known as "Northern Jiuzhaigou."

  Fresh air, lush forests, clear streams, a display of color harmony of nature. Both play together, or collective Roasted, it will bring easy and comfortable. The new attractions - Pacific Valley Forest Park will bring you some of the mystery novel experience.

  Tai Ping Yu Sui Dynasty by the name of the Royal Palace to build peace, the valley landscape in the strange landscape, is the view of Tang spent the summer landscape park. Plants in the park is rich in resources, a wide range, there is vigorous old Original pure larch, wind and the Ao-xue Cheng Hung pure, such as bauhinia flowers spring, the scenery changed quarter, if the bad embroidered map, spring, summer, autumn and winter, different scenery. Park rich in wildlife species. The state protects one or two categories there are more than 30 kinds of animals, Su Ling, Qingyang, Lin musk deer, hedgehogs, golden pheasant, pheasant tail, such as thrush wild Objects often appear in the forest, stream, road, the formation of a park landscape. Park in February 1999 and the national Stocking a number of secondary protection of animals - monkeys, in order to increase the north slope of Qinling a rare species, but also for the park has added a beautiful landscape.

  Unique natural scenic landscape, the cut-off head , To a total of 12 large and small waterfall, the largest drop Bai Yumi falls mainly located 2.5 km to the park, form a group of falls. North China's unique natural landscape, both under the waterfall Tam, Tam into the Fei Bao, among Melaleuca fog to form a 10,000-hong, Park place, like entering Wonderland, the most characteristic: Rainbow Falls, Fei Bao jade belt, the bridge crane falls, Fei Bao, such as Longkou.

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