Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shanghai Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Into the Shanghai Street, as if you back 100 years ago, Shanghai's bustling market. The Yuyuan Tourist business in the region's unique style, travel-tourism, shopping, leisure-entertainment, cultural display in one multi-functional characteristics Street, in the history of the name of the street in front of the temple has brought together a group of Shanghai as early as the Banks, shop, silver , Jiusi, tea house, Xi Lou, the firm has always been connected Shiliupu (small East Gate), and Temple, and Yuyuan Garden area of the corridor crowd. The unique geographical location and along its scenic rich in cultural business. Shanghai Street, formerly known as Fang Bang Zhong Road, west Henan South Road, the road east of the people, a total length of 8 5 meters from the west to the east of the architectural style and format to display the layout of the Ming and Qing Dynasties from the old Shanghai to the Republic of China until the influx of Western culture during the period of historical and cultural evolution. Street business feature of the traditional industry to the mainstream, highlighting the traditional folk culture, to create a cultural atmosphere of Shanghai. Guan Yi of Shanghai Street to Street for the sub-sector Two things, through the eastern section of the decoration and transformation, to retain the residential characteristics of the late Qing Dynasty early years of the Republic, on both sides of the street grid restored to spend a window, door scheduling, Fan railing, landing door rocker, and so on, matched to the roof Qiaojiao cornices, dripping lace and Ma Tau wall. Housing, like the western section of the Ming and Qing architectural facade, prominent Shanghai Lao Chengxiang Customs, Daiwafenqiang, cornices Hong Zhu, Shanghai Street to reproduce the Tong Han Chun, with the old-sheng, Wu able person, there are 10,000 full-and Qiu Tian Bao, the old tea house in Shanghai, restaurant wine Deshun, Chunfengdeyi floor, tofu beauty rooms, D Lady cloth Zhuang, Rongshun Hall, a century-old store, such as Hiroshi Yintang, Danfeng restaurant to open at the same time, doctors Church Full of traditional shops. And it is on the north side of the "Star Street" together to show you the old Shanghai business and industries and urban attitudes of a "Painting Scroll."

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