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Chinese, "a" club-houses - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For the first time the Chinese Communist Party National Congress held in declaring the establishment of the Communist Party of China is an epoch-making event. Since then, China's revolutionary new look.
Communist Party of China, "a" memorial at the site of the Shanghai Municipal Huangpi District No. 374 (the former French Concession Road, Wang Zhi, Shuter 1 6). The memorial, "a" is the site of two two-storey brick building Shikumen (Shanghai during the 20 typical residential), a representative of a major Li Hanjun of the house and the other is building a home in Shanghai on behalf of the - Girls and archaeological research. Their style is of Chinese and Western style.

A "conference room downstairs is the living room, about 18 square meters and furnishings are as imitation.'s White walls, the floor of the red, bright and clean. Placed in the middle of a rectangular table covered with a white conference table, the table Cup and placed matchbox planes, around the table has 12 round wooden bench, east and west sides by Among them a coffee table and two chairs, the entire site appears to be very solemn.

Chinese Communist Party National Congress for the first time in 1921 July 23-30 held a secret here, around 7 communist group sent 12 representatives, who represents the National 53 Communist Party members, on behalf of these are: Shanghai, on behalf of Li Da, Li Hanjun; on behalf of Beijing Zhang. Liu Renjing; on behalf of the Wuhan Dong, Chen Tanqiu; Guangzhou on behalf of Chen Bo; Changsha on behalf of Mao Zedong, He Shuheng; on behalf of the Jinan Wang Jinmei, Deng Enming; Zhou Fohai on behalf of Japan, in addition Huiseng package sent by Chen Duxiu Also attended the meeting. Marin?????on behalf of the Communist International and attended the meeting.
"A" in Shanghai, Wang Zhi-road rally by the French Concession authorities to monitor, on July 30 was the venue search Xunbu France, was forced to suspend the meeting. During the stop, deputies at the home of Li Da agreed to the meeting South Lake in Jiaxing to continue to be held on the cruise. Early August, the delegates came to train in Jiaxing, with some representatives from Ms. Li Da Wang Wu will lead, the first urban Zhang Yuan, get settled Lake hotel to rest up and hotel accountant hired boat.

A major Chinese Lake resumed in a medium-sized cruise ships to hold on, Meeting agenda: consideration of the draft Program of the Communist Party of China; the Communist Party of China to consider the draft declaration; elections the Communist Party of China national leadership. After serious and heated debate in South Lake cruise on the adoption of the Communist Party of China's first "Program" and "the Communist Party of China first resolution," the party's election Central Bureau leadership. At this point, for the first time the Chinese Communist Party National Congress in South Lake on the successful conclusion of the cruise.
The main content of the program are: to determine the party's name, "the Communist Party of China"; provisions of the party's goal of the proletariat by the bourgeois revolution to overthrow the military to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, the abolition of There, until the eradication of class differences; also provides for the organizational principle of democratic centralism and party discipline. The Assembly also adopted a resolution on the current practice of the resolution, to determine the party after the establishment of the organization is the central task of the working class, the leadership of the labor movement. The General Assembly elected the party's central organ of the Central ? ? Bureau, the Central Chen Duxiu Secretary, Ren Li Da, director of publicity, Zhang Ren, director of the organization. Since then, in China there have been completely new to communism, by Marxism-Leninism as the guide to action, unified political party of the working class.

Chinese Shanghai, "a" site of the memorial is divided into two parts, one leather History exhibition (this will be the next revolution in the Shanghai Museum of History); Second, the site of a major. Museum is very modern, very rich in cultural relics. Also paid their respects on behalf of a large photograph of King's life and in accordance with the original copy of the lifelike wax figures, and when the party's precious cultural relics, literature and so on hundreds of exhibits, referred The birth of the Communist Party of China's historical process, as well as the establishment of the post-revolutionary activities.

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