Sunday, March 1, 2009

Qiu-xia garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiu-xia garden at 314 Main Street East, southern China's famous classical gardens, Shanghai is also one of the five ancient gardens, only 15 years Koji Ming (1502), Ming Dynasty was the Book of History and Industry Gonghong of private gardens. Built in the early hours in the park a few rain fasting, three hidden together, structure-Ling Feng, Orioles language embankment, Suihan Drive, Taiwan Baiwu Ten Taohua Tan, and so, after going through the vicissitudes of life after the expansion and changes of the main existing Shuiting head, and so there are more than 20 historical sites, beautiful scenery charming, as well as the layout of the rockery, a well-known for Huadu plant in Jiading Stone hands of artists. Temple scenic town hall of the Temple of Shanghai Folk Culture Expo Center "endemic in Shanghai Custom photo "showroom. Address: 314 Main Street, Town, Jiading Tel: 59531949 opening hours :8:00-16: 30 Tickets: 5 yuan

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