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Fisherman's Wharf - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Macao Fisherman's Wharf in December 31, 2005, held the opening ceremony, took a five-year, investment by Macao people, design and management, a new concept of comprehensive leisure area has been formally established.

Macao Macao Fisherman's Wharf is the first theme of the design of integrated entertainment tourist attractions, with a total investment of about HK 1,900,000,000 yuan. Outer Harbor is located on newly reclaimed land coast, an area of more than 93,000 square meters, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, hotels, Marina and one in the HKCEC facilities, combined with different architectural features Chinese and Western cultures and to ensure that visitors break geographical boundaries, experience In different parts of the feelings. Macao Fisherman The first will not have any admission fees, and round the clock, round-the-clock for local residents and visitors to travel with his family to provide a good place.

Macao Fisherman's Wharf is divided into three main parts:
- Chinatown
- East and West together
- Lai Chun Terminal

Chinatown is an imitation of the Tang Dynasty architectural style in the Tower, inside the tower to the main shopping malls, all over the set of goods as well as the high tide of cuisines.
East-West blend together the traditional concept of Eastern and Western architectural style of design characteristics. A wide range of facilities in the region, whether the children like mobile games, multi-purpose performance and exhibition venues, resulting in video games and shopping Heart, are everything. Inside of a volcano, visitors can make use of Asia's first Indiana Jones-style "Dragon Express" and the single-track indoor roller coaster called the "Flame torrent" of the tourist boat rides, so that visitors can experience the surging heat of the lava The region. Night will be 40 meters high appreciation of the man-made volcano melt Boiling and ready made magnificent landscape. Arab bastion of the children who will become the preferred location. This area is equipped with four children for the use of mobile games, known as the "Flying Camel," "Magic Carpet" and "Aladdin Express" and "Arab DanceDance tower." In addition, in the same district also has a game booth, snack bar And a souvenir shop and so on.

Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of 5000 square meters, which will be the main exhibition hall covers an area of 3000 square meters, 6.3 meters in height lobby with column-free design, suitable for Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition, the company banquet, a private party or wedding celebration. Roman Arena is a capacity of 2,000 The outdoor audience Arena, with top-level stereo audio-visual equipment and covers an area of 200 square meters of multi-purpose arena in order to create an unprecedented audience for the unforgettable memories.

Li-Chun terminals to European and Latin American-style buildings, visitors can find various countries in the region, Food & Wine characteristics, but also in the forest The overall specialized brand-name store to buy goods and more performers to bring you a different street performances. Distinguished visitors will be parked in a private yacht pier in the seaside to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Marina call for up to 20 of the 150-foot yacht, the more special for you in your special agent with the Customs and Excise out Procedures.

Water in the world, professional performance will be using all means to offer visitors exciting speed boat stunt.

Rice 72 hotels have well-equipped, Victoria-wide sea view rooms, each room balconies are attached to an independent, so that you enjoy the scenery of the Outer Harbor. Buren Casino magnificent, all-encompassing entertainment facilities, to provide you with all the other leisure good place to go.

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