Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taoyuan Folk Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanhui main venue of the Taohua Jie, a fusion of local folk style of a house in the village are a habitat of China's rural areas showed the vitality and simple. A large number of peach trees planted in the park, each of Peach Blossom and opening up, then the local organization "Nanhui Taohua Jie", content-rich and attractive. This is the search for local history in Pudong, the largest since the reunification The best travel sites. Address: Hui Zhen village north of the city Tel: 58011777 opening hours :8:00-16: 30 Tickets: 5 yuan, weekends, holidays, 10 traffic: You take the Shanghai Stadium Line 2 (6:30-19:15), the Shanghai train Station Dragon Hotel) by far-bus (5:30-19:50) Pudong Dongchang Ferry Road, Zhoujiadu by Shanghai and the southern line, Zhou Nan Line (4:45-19:00) direct Nanhui County. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - Nanpu Bridge - Longyang Road - Shanghai South Highway

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