Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shek Pai Wan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shek Pai Wan Park is located in Macau's Coloane Island in the northwest side of Shek Pai Wan Road, covers an area of about 200,000 square meters, Macau is one of the largest country parks. This park, formerly a farm, which in the 1940s, Jesuit priests who were in the nurturing orphans Wai village, until 1985, called to Shek Pai Wan Country Park, Portugal President, General Ennis kick-off.

Country Park covers an area of vast, the mountain Bang Hai Lin Tsui Shuilv. This park has a variety of health facilities, including: a healthy track; a small park for children; two nursery grounds; a small lake; a bird-watching area; exhibitions and a projector room; a small Camping sites; medicinal a botanical garden; a botanical garden flowers; a restaurant; a Department inquiry. Is a comprehensive park.

Aviary occupies an area of 1,000 square meters is a big bird cage, the cage has more than 100 species of birds. Animals and Plants Exhibition Center, a collection of various specimens of animals, and the Macao A detailed description of the types of plants, for young people to learn a natural and intuitive knowledge of place. Park also displays a small plane crash in 1987 is the return of Macao from Portugal aircraft, after repairs to Macau, as a display.

This feature of the park for visitors to Local plants, close contact with birds, which the city set aside Fan Xiao, once again into the embrace of nature, leisure and tourism is an excellent place. This park to open in the form of, and a festive holiday park visitors, such as carp. In addition, according to legend in the park near the valley, a famous Qing Jiaqing years, the sea Cheung Po Tsai to hide the hole.

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