Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fuzhou Road Cultural Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Compared to other busy streets, as the "First Street of Chinese culture," the Fuzhou Road, Shanghai Bookstore (at the junction of the North Sea), the ancient book (near South Fujian), foreign language bookstore (near Shanxi South Road), science and technology Bookstore (Intersection of Henan) of the rich literary atmosphere more people stop nostalgia.

  In 1846, a Founded by people from outside into the bookstore opened one after another, Fuzhou Road, Shanghai has become the source of regional culture, Chinese culture also influences the development and progress. In 1897, the opening of the Commercial Press, China marked the rise of modern publishing industry. In the near future, along with the West devoted to the social sciences, natural sciences and so on The emergence of a large number of shops, Fuzhou Road Cultural Street begun to take shape. After more than five decades since the founding of the building, Fuzhou Road, Chinese culture has been to First Street to the reputation of the world's Xiang Yu.

  Work on the day of rest, to roam in Fuzhou Road, visit the bookstore and out of various kinds of new books published in the Journal, Apple all kinds of miscellaneous books , Shanghai has become a public fashion. Fuzhou Road rich cultural atmosphere and adjacent to the People's Square, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, the city's Cultural Palace to pay workers matched hui to form a Shanghai cultural landscape.

Shanghai Conservatory of Music Bookstore Address: 365 Tibet Road, Tel: 6322 213

Shanghai Ancient Books Bookstore Address: 424 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63223453

Shanghai art supplies store Address: 402 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63528706

Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore Address: 390 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 632 3200

Yang Zhenhua pen store Address: 290 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63223117

Paper HSBC Bank Address: 305 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63215389

Shanghai Book City Address: 401 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63,200 51

Shanghai Cultural Building Address: 355 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63266588

China Science and Technology Book Company Address: 221 Henan Zhong Road, Tel: 63234567

Shanghai Book City Address: 465 Fuzhou Road, Tel: 63 22222

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