Monday, March 16, 2009

Sheshan on Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Autumn 2000, Shanghai's largest artificial lake - Lake on Sheshan, such as a temporary peak number of "mirror" face makeup "landscape" to show the people in front of. On the waters of Lake area of 456 mu, green Sheshan East, Xue Shan, surrounded by Phoenix Mountain, the lake is expected to see only Sheshan large and squat, clear water, light microwave Yang, The northern end of Lake, looks at the southern end of the Jing, more than 800 m long embankment into the water Tsui. Around the gentle slopes, plant more trees, flowers, artificial hills dotted with pavilions and small bridges; on the side of Hubei, Shandong Province on the south side of Phoenix, built a "stone for a better tomorrow fasting", "Spring Qing-chi," and "nirvana Xingping" "Evening glow Sheshan" Ten. Shandong three sides open lake, the planning and construction of the Sun Plaza fountain light music, and the construction of commercial, cultural, sports and entertainment district. In the near future, the lake will be on the formation of mountains, rivers, forests coordination, King, one of the objects into the beautiful landscape.

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