Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shanghai Art Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Art Museum is a socio-cultural public utilities. She is located in the bustling Nanjing West Road, backed by the People's Square and Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, adjacent to the People's Park, is a function of sound-the-art facilities at home and abroad have some impact on modern and contemporary art Museum The building was built in 1933, was the old race track in Shanghai, is the age of 30 English-style buildings. To complete the expansion project to retain its original neo-classical exterior features and functions in accordance with the requirements of the Museum of Art conducted an internal transformation in the design of the inherited language of traditional European-style buildings, and strong The crisp modern style, is an elegant, open the Arts Center. When the audience entered the hall, dignified, solemn look of the column, and then along the spacious staircase rising, touched the 1930 Copper Tau, visit the artist's fine to make, will be a taste of old and new in Shanghai Historical changes, feel cited To win the cultural charm. Shanghai Museum have 12 exhibition halls, exhibition area of 6,000 square meters, equipped with modern facilities for organizing various arts exhibition provided a good condition;-the-art equipment and the Lecture Hall, conference rooms, library, fine arts and fine arts database Workshops for school Education for all discussions and other activities provided to ensure that. In addition, the art bookstore, souvenir shops, galleries, cafes, have also created an audience for the arts, full of casual atmosphere. Shanghai Gallery of the existing collection more than 8,000, based on collections, and actively carried out in China's modern history focusing on art theory Museum of Science study and research, collection and custody of the exhibition on display, the promotion of education, and foreign exchange operations, such as work to create the conditions. 2002 special session of the "Shanghai Biennale" China is the most important exhibitions, academic activities, has become the international influence of a certain brand items. Shanghai Hall is a new gesture to welcome guests from the Quartet, she and the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum together to form the modern city's landmark cultural circle, where the beating pulse of the times, the focus of the world's attention. Address: 325 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Tel: 63,272 29, opening hours :9:00-16: 00 (16:00 stop ticket) Tickets: adults 20 yuan, 5 yuan students.

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