Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yangpu Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangpu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge is the second after another across the Huangpu River to the design, construction of the Twin Towers two-cable-plane cable-stayed bridge beams together again and again. Bridge full-length 7658 m, 602 m long main bridge across the River like a rainbow in the cable-stayed bridge of its kind in the world in the first ranks. 208 meters tall and straight high-rise towers like a main benefit Into the firmament, the tower on both sides of the 32 pairs of steel cables to connect the main beam, the Sector was launched, such as the giant strings, is playing a sonata of the dragon off. Comrade Deng Xiaoping personally written to the bridge to bridge, he boarded the 94-year-old when the Yangpu Bridge, said with emotion: "Hi look at the way today, the book wins years time!."

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