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Gongqing Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongqing Forest Park located in the Yangpu District of Shanghai, east near the Huangpu River, the military road west, the entire park covers an area of 1965 mu of the total, 1870.6 acres of open public green space.
River Park was the location of the beach, in 1956 the Shanghai Municipal People's Government in river dredging, reclamation dredging, into the nursery; 1958 Chun secretary of the CYL Central Committee with Comrade Hu Yaobang in Shanghai to lead a meeting of the national youth activists planting fruit trees in the garden to establish a youth experimental orchard, nursery named Gongqing; early in 1982, the expansion of the city as a public green area of the practical focus of the project, a total of Green nursery into a block north, "Gongqing Forest Park", 1 86 years in March, General Secretary Jiang Zemin's visit Zaishu Park and Forest Park personally wrote Huibi "Green Shanghai for the benefit of the people", since forest park in Shanghai as an urban oasis officially opening to the outside world; by the end of 1995, Gongqing South Block nursery into a "million Chuk Yuen", and opening up one after another.
Gongqing Forest Park "in order to plant-based landscaping, tree planting nearly 200,000, more than 200 varieties, with hills, grasslands, lakes, streams, forests, bamboo and so on constitute a rich Wild in the natural deep space, the formation of a "Valley Song" and "wild forest" and "Love Qiulin night", "Yingxiuwan water", "sik Lin commemorate the "12 major scenic spots, a" natural, Wild, quiet, rough "for the characteristics of the forest landscape.
Entertainment features
Verdant green of the Gongqing Forest Park in Shanghai is not only an oasis, is also a paradise for entertainment, shade in the shade of a pair of feature entertainment for people in Shanghai do not have Fan attract and charm. In order to meet the park at different levels and different preferences of the needs of tourists, setting the Wild, challenging, sports, exciting, fun and entertainment, and other types of more than 30, people familiar with the Shanghai and the popular barbecue field, horse riding, Rowing hands, and so on a train full of small forest and forest taste of the Wild EC characteristics, there are new young fashion items, such as the challenge of rock climbing, bungee jumping, sliding demand and so on. Of course, cheap and not lose the joy and stimulation of public entertainment, such as Liu Yong Jin, pirate ships, dragon boat pulley, target practice shooting, abundant water projects are also in the visitors feel the joy of the green in less Choice. Favorite sport of young people, also have their own happiness the world, play tennis, play football, play paintball, ride a double bike, a lot of choices. Young people can enjoy good time, and the most challenging to the introduction of the new park a few brave the roads, all of the items imported from Japan, is the first in Shanghai The introduction of the Eco-Entertainment, run by the Trojans, ancient explorers, Renyuantaishan, cliffs, the air Stagecoach, net, and so on Lingboweibu more than 30 land-based group projects and water projects, from the full range of training young people Running, jumping, casting, climbing, climbing, cross-movement of the ability to cultivate a strong will-power, by Team spirit.

Holiday fun
To improve the park service, recently launched a project Business Services holiday. Forest Resort is located in a natural shade of the leaves taste, and water and dependency, Chuang Chuang a unique model of European, Japanese-style villa, away from noisy city, to On the work of the busy urban people increased by a quiet, natural, fresh, elegant resort field. Treasury rally and entertainment functions into one multi-purpose activity center is located in the center of the park area, there are size 4 conference rooms, which can range from 10-150 people at this meeting, as well as billiard room and outdoor network The market is enterprises and organizations to conduct business meetings, and gather to discuss the new world of entertainment.
Jiangnan style with water, "Wan Yuen," located in the Nen River Road south, along the Nen River near Pier, the park is South Park. Wan Yuen "bamboo culture" as its theme, to build a "southern Zhu Yun, the clear-You - Penny King's beautiful. Chuk Yuen relief, Lin glauca, long stream, bridges, Bamboo send Shannon, has formed an attitude of "fine-clearing day, as on the clear film" Fun abundant bamboo scenery. Yuen was the main building in the Ming and Qing style, and backed with bridges, water seems to come to southern beauty. Antique "Silk and Bamboo Town" to fall back on, "Zhu Tang mirror," visitors to this point, the impressive bamboo pavilion, decorated with bamboo tours, food and bamboo rice, designated bamboo boat, to buy bamboo. "Zhu Ying Bridge," "vegetarian Maizhokunggar", "Zhu Yun Pavilion", "Dai floor," features clever construction site in Yuen cloth, streams, bamboo and building the perfect combination of painting on a quiet The Rural screen.
Gongqing Forest Park for its unique natural landscape to create an urban area can not enjoy the natural scenery and outdoor bamboo garden of a color picture of an integrated resort, is the park was named "Shanghai unit of civilization" and "Shanghai New beautiful scenic spots. "

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