Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tianmashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheshan Tianmashan south-west of Shanghai is the highest point above sea level on land, Tianmashan in many temples, the largest may be considered "a round-chi Education Temple." Sihou in the Mid-levels between a Leaning Tower of the Millennium, by the name of "protection of jewelry Minaret," the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanfeng 2002 (1079) by the local people Yokoyama Wen-wide building, now has 915 As long as eight seven-tower, 20 meters high. Although the small tower, standing Shan, Qi Jun Tingxiu. 27 Shaoxing Southern Song Dynasty (1157), Gao Chee-colored Tibetan Buddhist relic in this column, when Baoguang significantly. In the Qing Dynasty, incense Tianmashan very strong. According to the Qing Dynasty from the Alliance, "Chai-ming know little," it reads: Fifty-three Qianlong (1788), the temple ritual act, set off firecrackers, which caught fire, burning wood to the heart tower and escalators, and so on the floor, the tower ladder, canopies waist, flat seat are destroyed, the remaining brick tower, tower body is cut-off south-west Kok section of wood residue left is proof. It was later found in Zhuanfeng Yuanfeng coins of the Song Dynasty, was constantly demolished brick Bao, so that gradually turn north-west corner of bottom removed to form about 2 meters in diameter big hole. Due to changes in the foundation so that the tower gradually tilting a south-easterly direction. According to the survey in 1982, the tower has been tilting to the southeast 62 � 51'52 ", the top center shift 2.27 meters, it is commonly known as" Leaning Tower. "According to the" people Daily "reported: jewelry care than the Leaning Tower of Pisa Minaret also tilt more than 1 �, can be said to be leaning tower in the world. Tower tilted 53 degrees up to 6 hours, a greater angle than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, known as the "Leaning Tower of the best in the world." Tianmashan Tianmashan Buddha is a great spectacle, usually retaining beads around the tower, or sometimes the early morning of Day , With the sun through the clouds of water vapor in the tower reflects the surrounding halo of colorful and beautiful. Tianmashan under a newly-discovered the Grand Canyon, will be built here Tianmashan Grand Canyon Park, will soon become a new tourist area Sheshan "bright spot." Transportation: Shanghai Stadium on by too green tourism, the Western Station and Shanghai Automotive Queensland Direct Line. In addition, the Jinjiang Park subway station, a bus station in Songjiang car line up. Self-driving routes: the urban areas - the Yan'an Elevated Road - Huqingping highway into the city paragraph (A9 highway) - in the spring - Shanghai Highway Song - Shen Brick Road

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