Thursday, December 25, 2008

Six-san - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Including the six-san "Shi Jinping six" six-san as the main peak of the six parks, flower Rock Hill, Phoenix Hill, Tsui-feng wall, Central Bridge and Riverside Park show a large area with a total area of 540,000 square meters, 1998 10 , Was included in the coastal tourist area in Guangxi.

Six-san in the Lingshan Xian city on the west side of About 180 meters above sea level, leading peak, Fissidens peak, peak Cove, Furong Feng, Chong Xiao-Feng, He Feng Li-feng six. Poetry has said; "mountain country, such as medicine, E Central Banks Zhu Feng. Qingdai cut Fengfeng, Cucu Golden Lotus." Ching-ming in the mountains there are between (1506-1521) to build the Pak Tai Temple, built in the Qing Dynasty of the six-Feng Baoshan St. Paul Shishi Huang, Chuan-ming for the integrated inter-(1465-1487) of the rural sub-county Buddha mad Kimura Huang strenuously in this study for 10 years, which in the end success, Ding Wei in the year standings, but unfortunately not Tingshiercu, for the Fame enthusiastic, eager to learn the generation of pay. There are six peaks Cliff Stone Tablets to more than 30. Pak Tai Temple, "Ling Mountain West in mind," the monument, Between Qianlong (1736-1795) Lianzhou Zhi Fu Kang gene, bold fonts, Mountain is the calligraphy of the territory of the existing monument. Inter-Ming Jiajing (1522-1566) Mokelangxie Shan Wu Daozi audio-visual concept, the first hat DAI Feng, spaniel different departments, dealing in, barefoot riding clouds, the order said: "Xi Ren Wu Daozi commentary painting Objects such as lamps take from the film, not bad Hao Mo. "

Six-san to pull Heng Kong, North East and West cliffs on three sides, since ancient times, only Tang access to the south "to the beginning of Yeongam" Shi Jing. Stone Hill City to stay thin clouds, the quiet valley fog to save ancient trees, traditional costumes and the two ancient temples of the new pavilion, Yamahana smile to greet people. Well-known artist Huang independence His reputation has its charm of Huangshan. Song Dynasty so far has been regarded as a "resort for Mankind." Six-san area, no less than 100 cave landscape, cultural history are also a number of 50; six-san is a six-Walled Shi Tang and Song Dynasties, Song Dynasty Mountain learn the location of the palace; Rock Hill to spend the magnificent colorful flower Stone Mountain, during the Ming Dynasty Tribute for; dress Tsui-feng wall mirror with the anti-Japanese rock star Cai Tingkai year, "Jiang Yan Zhen trip," Yi Mo, in particular, Yamane Phoenix's three-Haiyan said the "scenic spots in western Guangdong."

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