Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rock the moon in the water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the southeastern city of Yulin. Yulin in the north with the flow, at the junction of Luchuan County, Yulin away from the urban area of about 11 km. Scenic Area as a whole, starting from the north-east Japan red rocks, south-west beyond Lake Pearl. They have oval-shaped, five kilometers long, more than 1 km wide, covering an area of 7 square kilometers, together with the protection of the surrounding area, with a total area of about 15 square kilometers , Is a limestone karst landforms. Tall and straight peaks, scenic. Tianqi 2002 (1622) Cao Xue-wide "spot-chi Guangxi," set: "Rock the moon in the water in the state of South 20 km, empty hole that Shi Lang condensed milk dry Daochui, Jian Shui-stream from the rock, stone waves hit, Jian Yin-compliance acts, will travel out Ju, cross-cross . Shu Shibu, water Shi Yi-qi, to cut Furong, Shen Zhang for the stretch, the vortex plate Li-chu, Xiang Fei gallop, there is not nothing. "Chongzhen 10 years (1637) on July 27 the moon in the water Xu Yan Yu, "Xu's Travels," said Rock the moon in the water: "The Hole", "four wins", "double" "sinus". "Holes of the two" not only dong Yin hole; "Four wins," is next to the squat stone water flow folder, for Wutu pictographic lion, Dong Ding down stone bridge, cross-Chi Dragon Dance; "double" with Jiang and China in the pond in the convergence of Lung; "sinus" refers to rock There are three holes. Mo Yan cave wall engraved with the moon in the water a lot of poems, including "Portal away with Watergate Ying, also a half months into a full moon floating" image Depicts the moon in the water and the rock scene. Rock the moon in the water in a dark hole, called "North Korea had possession." According to the local people said Ming Hui Di (Zhuyuan Wen Sun Ming Zhu Yuanzhang too) have sought refuge here, a few escaped towards the emperor, by the orthodox Yingzong next five years (1440), the rate of his remaining 12 followers left the moon in the water Rock SEE YAN territory to the House (House rule in wuming), in his capacity as an open automatically, said: "I am Emperor Jianwen." Fang Fei Yu Shi Tour inter-Zhang Zou, it aims to send the Yanjing, when the Emperor has built 64-year-old, and later took Cidong local people referred to as "possession of over North Korea." Thousands of stalactite cave, Tung Road, was "on" shaped, 1-long public , Clear dark hole with two holes, there are holes in the Ming Dynasty stone Shek Pik "rock the moon in the water" 3 words. Tung Road, south of the river from flowing through the northeast corner of Myeongdong, the water more than 10 meters wide, has a top-hole leak, the transmission of sunlight to increase the room-ha, such as moonlight Rongrong, taste Yajie heart. Dongjingkuankuang magnificent, and can accommodate 1,000 people, in the hole Taking advantage heading sentiment, the Milky Way's interstellar Dunjue River, is we have a brighter future, it is a "virtual rock radio Bull Moon Water" won the praise. 40 square meters and a width of the natural scene, shoots for stalactite tent, natural Tiancheng wonderful, do not have to combine.

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