Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yong Tai Shan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mountain is the largest capacity in Guangxi provincial Forest Park, located in the North County streams. Yong Tai Shan main peak of 1275.6 meters above sea level Lotus top hinterland, with a total area of 2930 hectares, 46 km away from the Yulin City, 23 km north flow. Forest Park Mountain tall, thick forests, mountains far from cotton, which rise amid permanent peaks. In the mountains geomorphologic a At about 1,000 meters above sea level, a sub-tropical climate zone, the spring fog, cool summer, autumn cool, dry winter, the four seasons of different scenery, the Meteorology Series. Forest coverage rate reached 82.7 percent, more than 200 kinds of trees.

Park, many scenic spots, Lotus falls, try stone sword, Amah Rock, mushroom stone, immortal , Valentine's tree fruit seals mining, artificial turf will make your heart God Yi-Kuang, away, the unique forest bath will make you more fully enjoy the wonders of nature. Park animals and plants are many types, known as the living fossil of the state protection of rare plants Cyatheaceae (tree fern), China's Wang camellia flower, and You Millennium roaming turtles, the jubilation cairica Jinlong and lively play of the monkeys, constitutes a beautiful landscape. Lin Fa Shan peak southeastern Guangxi is the first peak.

The main landscape: mountain lake days, mountain coppice, Lotus Falls, mountain clouds, sunrise, such as the Botanical Garden. Bishu is set, vacation and watch , Adventure, mountaineering, eco-tourism in one multi-function integrated forest park.

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