Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lung Fu Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lung Fu Shan Nature Reserve is located in the territory of Canton Shillong County, 36 km from the county seat, 83 km west of Nanning City, with a total area of 21 square kilometers. New Tai Nanning, Jingxi, Pingxiang, the highway through scenic spot in Yunnan, transportation is very convenient.

The protected area of the main targets for the protection of karst areas Your medicinal plants and karst landscape. 1145 kinds of plant species, 713 kinds of medicinal plants. There are state-level protection of the plant Camellia hair flap, Lee gold, wood clams, trees, and so fat and sleek, state-level protection francoisi animals, monkeys, hornbill champion, python, pangolin and so on.

Lung Fu Shan is a great landscape Group, half of the existing artificial feeding of monkeys just over 2500, the distribution side of the road, bridge and along the river, the lovely and lively, and visitors can play to play, the park is now open spots in the mountains there are funny monkey, the wonders of karst caves, stone forest bonsai, green River water rafting, Zhuang Zhu Lou small, and so on. Another attractive yin and yang of the hole, hole Ganoderma lucidum, water Longdong To be developed.

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