Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jing 72 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinzhou Port Economic Development Zone is located in the northwest, Qinzhou well-known at home and the end of Mao. More than 100 islands of varying sizes scattered in the vertical and horizontal spread of 10 km Qinzhou Bay on the sea, so that the sea area to form a ring back and forth numerous, varied twists and turns of the waterway, the waterway, known as "Jing" and "70 Second Jing " Its capacity, and in fact far more than 72? Jing, such as jade belt, as Pearl Island, it is a "Long Wan Jing-Zhu" good reputation. In a boat to visit Jing, a very strange feeling: Road suspect is a blind alley and suddenly Hu You-per-jing to demonstrate in front of the painting is an intoxicating different picture, like fairyland on earth, it is not surprising "Penglai southern" reputation. Jing there are nearly 72 million mu in the region merging growth, the living fossil of the seabed as mangroves, the green mangroves and the deep blue sea phase embraced the view is very unique, since ancient times, is the author of the poet wandering around, leaving Chant for a large number of. Seventy-two at the entrance of Jing Xian Park also has legislation is currently the country's largest bronze statue of Yixian County, Chin and all walks of life in 1926 in respect of legislation, "Monument to the death of Prime Minister Sun." Seventy-two Jing is a natural landscape and human landscape as one tourist destination.

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