Thursday, December 25, 2008

Longgang Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longzhou County protected areas in the city 30 km north-east, cross-state Long, Ningming County. Long-hours call, Longgang, Long Hill 3, with an area of 101 square kilometers. 300-650 meters above sea level, the peak for the deep valley terrain. Fell across the mountains, magnificent towering, steep cliffs sink deep, vertical and horizontal underground river, deep in the forests, graceful bearing smoke and clouds, mist Dang, unpredictable, mild climate, the average annual temperature of 22C. Forest ecosystems to preserve a more complete, rich in biological resources, there are 1282 kinds of plants, 123 kinds of animals, 439 kinds of insects. Karst, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, soil and climate, and so on are typical of high research value. There are monkeys in the region to protect the wild musk deer, the habitat of animals, the Millennium Ju Jian, Canyon fault, there is great natural pastures, tree-lined path. It also found stone tools and fossils of ancient vertebrate animals, such as mussels heritage, King is everywhere, and everything to win, is a scientific research, manufacturing, tourism and nature reserves.

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