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Qinzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinzhou City is located on the southwestern coast of the motherland, and Guangxi in the south, at latitude 20 � 54 'to 22 � 41', longitude 107 � 27 'to 109 � 56' between. Southwest back, facing the Beibu Gulf, Southwest is the most convenient access to the sea. Qinzhou in Guangxi capital of Nanning to the north, east and the North Sea and the city of Yulin in Linked with the West, adjacent to the city of Fangchenggang, a long coastline and land-based Justice for 311.44, the Northeast and Northwest were 60,000 Shiwandashan and mountains, are over 1000 meters above sea level. The city has a population of about 3,000,000, with a total area of 10716.47 square kilometers, is a young and the old coastal city. Guangxi Golden Triangle Zone, in accordance with sea water, beautiful mountains and rivers, charming scenery and strategic location, is a modern seaside tourist city.


  Qinzhou has a long history, dating back to the Neolithic Age. Pre-Qin period, is the Baiyue, the integration of the First Qin Emperor China, like gun ownership Qin established jurisdiction. Han, Jin to the three countries, Qinzhou pay a state Hepu County, located at the end of the Southern Dynasties at the end of Yuan Jia Shou County, Qinzhou This is the first formed. 18 Suikai Huang (AD 598 years) were easy to Qinzhou, check the "Shun-chin of justice," This is the first name of Qinzhou. Later changed its name several times, the People's Republic of China Li, Qinzhou has an area of Guangdong Province Qin Lian, Qinzhou in Guangxi Province area, Qinzhou area of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Hepu area, the area of Zhanjiang, Qinzhou in Guangxi Province area, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Qinzhou area, 94 years on June 28, the State Council Approval of the withdrawal of Qinzhou region, the establishment of prefecture-level city of Qinzhou. North Qinzhou pillow mountain, the south seas, low-lying North High South. There are mountainous terrain, hills, basins, plains, coastal mudflats and there are more than mud or sand on the beach, mostly in the western coastal sea coast, islands, steep coasts. Qinzhou is a sub-tropical climate, with the transitional nature of the tropical to subtropical marine monsoon Point. In bright sunshine at about 1800 hours, the average annual temperature of 21-23 ? most of the region for more than 350 days in the frost-free period, annual rainfall of 1,600 millimeters rainfall, very suitable for growing crops.

  Gu Cheng-an Qinzhou state, 1,400 years of history Has had a recent history Liu Yongfu, Feng material of two renowned Chinese and foreign national hero, many monuments, splendid culture, since ancient times Guinan is well-known tourist destination, the Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, a famous painter Qi Baishi the End of Qing Dynasty and the Han are a modern poet Qinzhou to stay in their footsteps and beautiful works of poetry. Qinzhou of the main attractions are: Bo Yang is not the sea, sunny San Niangwan, where the white dolphin is one of the largest Qinzhou pride, but also an excellent photographic subject matter; southern Penglai has called the 72 scenic spots on the sea Jing, Jing, such as jade belt, such as the Pearl of the island's 70 Jing beauty, such as weaving, the world's largest bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen stands on this; sea water LAN Ma mountains, hills Pinnacle's six-san, a large number of monuments Ashimura House as well as the famous patriotic Liu Yongfu, Feng's former home, and other materials.

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