Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kunlun Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kunlun Guan, located in Guangxi Binyang County and at the junction of the Yongning Xian, Guan Road Xianyao deal, both sides of the rise amid East-West confrontation, we do not Miangen, Yong-Bin Road along the highway from south to north, coiled In the meantime, since ancient times into the north of Nanning Natural barriers, "natural barrier in the South." Tang Yuan and 14 years (819 years) Pei Li Shi-base only for the clearance, the Northern Song Dynasty Jingyou 2002 (1035) to build the city customs, history has reinforced the rehabilitation. For the military history of the struggle to. Has always been vital importance for the military, history, there have been 9 campaign, the largest and very tragic that the War of Resistance Against Japan "Battle of Kunlun Guan." 1939 1 18, China and Japan in World War II started here, the two sides are the main forces of good Daying Zhang: Japan is the main force took part in the Battle of Taierzhuang Sakai Jioubu Yuan, as the "army of steel," the 5th division; China's main force was the best-equipped, led by General Du Yuming by the 5th Army. China's armed forces in the local group Support, a few days on the bloody battle, Kunlun Guan has finally recovered. This is the period following the War of Resistance Against Japan Pingxingguan, Taierzhuang victory in the battle after another major victory. After the war, at the foot of the mountain people to build a four-post three stone Square, the top of the hill also has anti-Japanese Memorial Cemetery, the Memorial Tower, Beiting, from the top of St. Paul to have 331 Avenue of the Stone Road rank. Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang military and political dignitaries, Li Tsung-jen, Li Jishen, Bai Chongxi, Du Yuming, and other people wrote, the title of the book together or engraved inscription to commemorate the battle. Before and after the Ching Ming Festival each year, many students here to pay tribute to the masses, and to pay respect to the Jisao.

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