Thursday, December 25, 2008

Liu Yongfu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xuan Tang, also known as the Third House, in the city of Qinzhou. Liu Yongfu in the anti-Vietnam War military exploits Li repeated China, Vietnam has been called Wang Xuan three admirals, the former residence of which are named. Liu Yongfu (1837-1917), Yuan-ting words, Guangxi Shangsi, employment background. In 1857, under the influence of the revolution of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the world will participate in the Yi-Jun. 1864 submission in the state (this Jingxi) Andre Heiqi Jun organizations. In the Sino-French War, Heiqi Jun, led by France and the fight against the invaders, has achieved great victories Chi Lo, paper and so on Victory Bridge, Kangzhi to defend Taiwan, the fight against Japanese invaders, is a well-known patriotic officers and men.

Three Xuan Tang is not only a patriotic Yi education base, but also have high artistic value. It was built in 1891, covers an area of 22,776 square meters, construction area of 5622.5 square meters, the size of Rooms 119, the material to be used carefully, dignified and simple shape, size and unique layout. Three hours into the main room, sitting south, in Cylinder-watt light, there are saints on the walls Hero, the Man Mo-chen, Cai-feng, such as crane a hundred pieces of paintings, gold paint, elegant charm, life, and Diaolianghuadong add radiance to each other, and both the late Qing dynasty style, and national characteristics. There are high walls around the gun turret, in front of the house is there Zhaobi Square, surrounded by flowers and trees, is a momentum Where, the great wealth, the typical ancient buildings.

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