Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mother Long Tai Miao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Long Tai Miao mother Guijiang located on the east coast north of the city Wuzhou, Guilin, the northern end of the road, built in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Wanli Ming and Qing Emperor Kangxi, had Yongzhengnianjian repair, is a rare Guangxi to the present day, with the architectural style of the Song Dynasty artifacts Monuments, a high historical and tourism value.

?? ?? Dragon Mother Temple Hill surface water, covers an area more than 5000 square meters, of St. Paul, Qian Dian, the Middle Temple, the temple, palace, pond turtles, such as the composition of the mall. The magnificent main hall solemn, Diaolianghuadong, in the front seat main hall houses the memorial tablets of Long as the mother, men and women are now more than Hall of worship to pray to bless the mother-long blessing, the vestibule in the main hall, incense throughout the year Off. The right side of the hall dedicated to the general as Fu, the left side of the hall dedicated to Prince Edward Long. After the seat in the main hall, a dragon flying home to Beijing a huge relief. Temple-long exhibition parent of bed and bed Prince Edward Long, Long Zhudian to the right side of the palace home for the reception room.

?? ?? on the second floor houses the memorial tablets of statues of Guan Di, on the left side of a pool-ching , There are a million years long stone turtle, Turtle loaded on a large stone "monument of the total office title." Visitors get to this coin, "cast stone turtle for good luck." Shanbi after the turtle pond on a large-scale relief, "Wu-long wall of water."

?? ?? lunar month every year and Chuba lunar Five-Year Plan for Long Legend has it that the mother And Chen Sheng Xian, Long is the mother temple of the most popular. During the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, overseas Chinese tourists as well as the composition of the tour he came to the birthday, he gave birth to some group reached 1,000. At this time the temple decorated ahead; Outside the temple the temple sea of people, very lively. The day-long Mother Temple open all night, a lot of good Xinnv and visitors to worship with each other, and pay his respects, the touch-long bed, according to Long-mother, mother-long comb, wash water dragon mother, mother-long drink tea, to Wan coin turtle, the dragon mother temple robust. A lot of foreigners come to watch.

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