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Dole Rock Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dole Rock Scenic Area is located 12 km south of Liuzhou City Department of Dole Cunpang Shanfu, named "Dole." Dole is not a rock cave, but the general term here Karst group. 12 by the scenic mountains, caves, 46, 3400 m-long section of the stream and 4 work-Lake, 10 km radius. Scenic areas within Surrounded by Hill, which rise amid Weiyi, Four Seasons flowers, shady trees, fresh air, with both mountains, water, forest, holes, rock beauty, abundant natural scenery, rich rural scenery around the resort.

Dole in 1973 was found in caves, Liuzhou City People's Government attached great importance to the appropriation of rock For the development and construction, in 1974, formally opened to visitors. In 1976, scientists of all rock music had a detailed inspection of Homo sapiens found inside the cave and femur as well as deciduous porcupine, bear, wolf, horse, deer fossils that had been inside the cave, ancient human or beast to stay, After identification of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Some of the original biological fossils 5 million years ago is the type of Health to study ancient human activity provided valuable information. Now on display outside the museum inside. In Liuzhou City People's Government's concern and investment in construction, scenic rock musicians have been gradually improving, has opened to tourists in Panlongdong, sky-hole, hole Shui-yun, Yan Ting, Guanyin Dong, the construction of the Tsui Lam Kok, Chai Yong Shi, Yibin floor, Huguang Hill, Pearl Lake, Xiang Zhai Mo, Shu-shan Forest of Stone Tablets, and other attractions. In 1990 all rock music was designated as scenic areas of the autonomous region-level scenic spots. Gardens Bureau of Liuzhou City in 1995 to invest more than 200 million new entrance area and sub-tropical plants King Area, shade-tolerant plants to build self-financing scenic landscape area in 1998 to commemorate Lin music capital. Yibin floor area of which are equipped with a restaurant and Huguang Hills restaurant, which can accommodate respectively 60 and 150 people dining and a further 13 stores are located in various scenic spots for tourists shoppers.
Dole rock
  19 3 years in Liuzhou City in the southern suburbs found a rare group of caves, caves in various areas from 2000 square meters to 1,000 meters to 3,000 meters to 4000 square meters range, inside the peculiar form of stalactites, pure stone integrity, stalagmites, columns, Shiman, Stone spent mine can be seen everywhere, and some magnificent momentum, and some Long visible, and some like animals, plants, and some, such as curtain Zhulian, Palace of houses. To the late 1990s, rock musicians have found a total of 46 large and small caves. Liuzhou City People's Government organizations in 1974, experts focused on the development of the dragon in the mountains of the three holes, that is, Panlongdong, sky-hole, water Hole, with colorful lights inside the cave, so that the landscape was magnificent off the magic of the glory, and worthy of Dongjing Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, Nanning Yi Ling Yan match, and has its own characteristics, as the "nature of the arts fantasy palace "The great value. In the same year, three-hole open to visitors, collectively known as "rock music." The rock music inside the cave, a total of 768 meters run with a total area of 6400 square meters, and hole-hole between the winding linked to the Road Tour, the famous scene of "Liujiang release schedule," "Welcome torch", "scenery of the South China Sea," "Village Dawn, "" Sanjieduige "and" flying window "," Lin downtown beasts "," Dole Fei Bao " Silk shop. "Panlongdong one-way travel more than 300 meters, 22 attractions, the famous scenic spots" Welcome torch "," scenery of the South China Sea, "" San Jie Chuan Song. "Sky-hole run-length over 100 meters, 14 JING, Rare few can be called a masterpiece of nature, "Dawn Village" in Cidong, had been Dongjing this Made of three-dimensional picture of the 1983 Beijing China International Exhibition on display, many visitors stop to hang around, much appreciation; Shuiyun long and narrow deep hole, run-length over 300 meters, 17 JING, "rhino water," King is a three - In the largest area of a cave, 20 m wide, 200 meters long.

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