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Jin Xiulian Huashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kim Soo-Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi is located in Guangxi in the mountains east of the Great Yao, Dayaoshan Guangxi as the main body of Kim Soo-Yao Autonomous County in the mountains in the territory, also known as Kim Soo-Dayaoshan. The county with a total area of more than 2500 square kilometers, of which the provincial level scenic resort area of more than 500 square kilometers, the county forest cover 87% more than the merging of more than 60 million mu of forests there. Therefore, Kim Soo-Dayaoshan Guangxi is the largest reservoir of green and a national forest park and National Nature Reserve. Kim Soo-and therefore also named to Jinshan Silk meaning.

  As Yao Autonomous County can not be less Family style. In the ancestral home of Kim Soo-Dayaoshan whole county of Yao cell population accounted for 40% of the Yao compatriots in their origins, language, dress and customs are different, set into Yao, Yao Dasan, Au Yao, Shan-yao and blue flowers such as Yao The five branches, constitute the world's largest number of branches of the Yao county, forming a colorful style of the Yao . World-renowned sociologist Fei Xiaotong said: "Yao Research Center in China, the China Research Center at the Kim Su Yao." Yao in the world where there is capital in the world.
  Leshan benevolent and wise water music, no matter what you are, this style of the show can meet you, it has great variety and beautiful natural scenery More than 500 square kilometers of scenic spots from the northeast to the southwest into an even, heaven Ling, Kim Soo-Laoshan, Lin Fa Shan, Ocean Hill, Church Hill, Mountain and Long Shan army, and other famous mountains, these are big Yao Shan Shandan Xia-Ling Xiao Mian Tower just the landscape, near the Tropic of Cancer as a result of abundant rainfall superiority and where to Location of the damage as small as well as the ecological coordination, making it the oldest geological formation, and more to the ridge line, deep canyons, beautiful scenery, clear water Dan Feng, Zhu Ya trees. Quiet, mysterious, dangerous Jun, the ancient wild natural landscape.

At the same time, it also has a cool and pleasant climate. County and tourist areas in major Hill hinterland of more than 1000m above sea level and wooded, gurgling water everywhere, with an average annual temperature of 17 ?, and the temperature difference is not, without the summer heat and winter cold without even the dog days, still have to go to bed at night Gaimian Pi, the climate is very pleasant. There is no air pollution, the air is extremely clean, the experts determined the air The negative ion content as high as 60,000 /square centimeters above average levels for 9194 /cm2, the water quality is better than "surface water environmental quality standards," a standard lower than the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere "air quality" level 5-10 standard cell. In this way away from the fairyland on earth Travel in the world, is a rare treat.

The mountain is rich in animal and plant resources. Dayaoshan of the huge mountain, the origin of the ancient, complex terrain, and to the special geographical location, soil moisture, natural fertility, so as to create a wide range of biological survival of a rare condition "Haven." So here the rich plant and animal species, the number of large, Guangxi ranks first in the Hill. Science and Technology Organization in 1982, according to the autonomous region of Guangxi Dayaoshan comprehensive statistical report of the inspection team, Section 213 vascular plants, 870 genera and 3335 kinds. 347 kinds of terrestrial vertebrates, insects, 24 836 kinds of Section 176, Class 119 kinds of butterflies, flora constitute elements of ancient and complex, and a wide variety of rare and the gene pool. Plant known as giant pandas living fossil plants - silver fir, at the national level to protect the animals living fossil "Dayaoshan Tuatara," at the national level to protect the butterfly gold Teinopalpus such as red is shattered The strong growth of the disaster here.

In 1933, the KMT adopted by the Guangxi provincial government "That opened up the case Dayaoshan" also Dayaoshan Kim Soo-mentioned high-grade: That wrote, Kim Soo-Dayaoshan, "plug-Yun Feng chaos, white shade, Qiao Song Deep Wei, Man Shan trees, vines called node, mountain Jing Yan, Qinrenxinpi; and stream-ming, pest birds with music, really the human world Taoyuan cents States has not been! "" Hard to scenic spots in Guilin province's side, as good as if a fraction of the ... ... into the summer, while Brighter Summer Day, Moganshan were called after having left behind. "Unfortunately, because we all know the reasons for the above opinions and initiatives Been shelved. Guangxi Dayaoshan as "purdah in custody did not know" we Guixiu has been no cry of alarm for the outside world to know it until the last few years, Dayaoshan was able to take off the veil of mystery that layer, the exhibition reveal her natural beauty of the Appearance. After just a few years, Yin Shan Park, forest resort, Lin Fa Shan, King Hill, Church Hill and other tourist areas one after another to take shape to open to visitors. In addition to these projects has been the development of tourism, there are a large number of the original state of natural scenery and ethnic villages, I believe that soon will be out of the country famous Guangxi.

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