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Mo Ya Shu Xincheng Tusi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tusi Mo Ya Shu Xincheng County Wanli Ming only 10 years, 1963 was set at the provincial level protection unit, in November 1996 was designated as the national key cultural unit. As well as the existing Asia is the largest and most complete preservation of the building one of the toast, as the "Forbidden City Zhuang", is the toast of China's research Chapter things important example of the system. Mo Tusi not far from the eastern side of the Ya Shu, Wanli of the Ming to the beginning of the "three-money concept" (later known as the "Temple of the Three Realms"), for "three realms of public", the legendary drug Medicine Zhuang, basic Intact. Tusi culture of the excavation, research, is to protect the nation Zhuang and an integral part of national culture.

Tusi is the Yuan, Ming and Qing towards the ethnic minority areas in the given ethnic minority hereditary chief official in order to rule the peoples of the system. Also refers to the official, was awarded.

Mo's Xincheng Tusi, the only security system Zumo Yongding ( Yizhou) Zhuang people. Yuan positive years (1341-1368), was awarded the Yishan (this Yizhou) Sin Tuen 1000 level. Wu Ming-hong (1368-1398) in the early years, Mr Bao was dismissed from office, thus rate descendant and pro-D, Xi Ju Xincheng territory. Wing-lok 2002 (1404) Xuan Chen Xincheng Introduction Xincheng Yao Zhuang peasant uprising, the county government attack, firing institution, Xianzai Su Qi Cheng ran wide, Mo Mo great-great-grandson Paul King City to participate in repression, was elected Tuguan. So there are two counties so that soil flow together, however, do not the right system, air flow official grip India every year to the county shall serve in the winter and spring only twice, when more than rent Fu home. Koji nine years (1496 ), Xincheng County, the county fell to earth. Since then, Mozambique's Tuguan be hereditary, Xincheng dominate the world. Mo Li-Tusi's Ming and Qing dynasties, to the 19th term of office as a result of Tuguanmosheng Wu, "even if bandits us disaster, the world economy of its evil," in 32 years Guangxu (1906) was withdrawn in April, their children and grandchildren Please never allowed to re-attack. Mo's toast to the county It was already part of the land for; Politically, the implementation of the dictatorship; military, Yang had reached 1,000, the suppression of peasant uprisings.

Mo Tusi's rule, think of building training for the Cabinet to persuade farmers to stop by; actively develop strong production Kam; pass amendments, the Rural Road and erect a bridge, to encourage farmers to the development of private economy Founder of justice, attention to the economic and cultural development.

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