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Laibin Shi, an ancient city; Laibin Shi, a young star.

Said the old, because she has more than 2,000 years of history, remarkable; said that the young, because she is on December 28, 2002 was officially launched in the cities, yet Over two years. Only the oldest, the more the truth is the charm; only its young, dynamic vitality see indemnity.

  Located in the central part of Guangxi Laibin Shi, known as "in Guangxi." The whole city area of more than 13,400 square kilometers, the population of 2,450,000 people, Xing jurisdiction bin area, Heshan City, Xincheng County, Wuxuan County, as County, Kim Soo-ethnic autonomous county 4 District 1 City 1, the territory of the Zhuang, Han, Yao more than 10 nationalities live in harmony.

  Clear advantage. Hunan, Guangxi, railway, highway Guihai through the urban area, south of industrial city of Liuzhou in Guangxi 60 kilometers north of Guangxi Nanning, the capital city 156 kilometers, is a big South access to the sea an essential organic whole, is focused on the development of Guangxi's Red River economic belt is an important component part of the territory of 3 National Highway 4 through the neighborhood, the Red River and the city had more ,500 - 800 tons of ships Direct flights to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao.

  Distinctive cultural features As early as 3 million years ago, the Paleolithic, known as the Armstrong family's ancestor, "Kirin Shanren" survive here. Qin unified Lingnan, in this territory of Laibin Shi set up the first county-level administrative Kenji, has been the history in 2216, Han, the three countries, the Southern and Northern Dynasties are located in the territory of Guilin Junzhi. By experts and scholars study confirmed that Pan Bin is the birthplace of culture, so far as to keep the core of the myth of Pan Pan, including temples, places, festivals, dance, play the original libretto, including the ecological and cultural Pangu.

  Various types of products. Rice, sugar, peanuts, tea, fruit, anise, and other agricultural products for a long time Reputation, Kim Su-Ling Yao Autonomous County of vanilla, Gynostemma, the county's three-Hua Wu Xuan Li, longan, Xincheng County, honeysuckle, pigeon, Xiangzhou Xian's famous native products such as Pueraria thomsonii famous. At present, the city's forest coverage rate reached 43.4 percent, Kim Soo-called "Chinese star anise town", is the region's largest water-lin Protection areas.

  Energy-rich mineral deposits. At present, all kinds of proven mineral deposits more than 20, the Xiangzhou Xian barite exports for many years in retaining its position as the first in Guangxi; in the city of Heshan coal reserves of more than 670,000,000 tons, "Guangxi is coal," said; the territory of thermal power , Is rich in hydropower resources, in addition to the guests outside the power plant China still has a first BOT project foreign guests B thermal power plant, Heshan power plant in Guangxi is the largest coal-fired power plants, the installed capacity of 600,000 kilowatts of Xincheng Letan expansion of the first generating unit can be completed by the end of this generation . Gong guests Bridge Station and Kim Soo-rokko hydropower station is under planning and construction, Head completed, the city's total thermal power installed capacity of hydropower will reach 4,000,000 kilowatts, Guangxi will become one of the largest energy base, "east" of leading Project.

  Industrial begun to take shape. The city's existing 600 industrial enterprises, electricity, sugar refining, smelting has become a branch Industry; paper, building materials, pharmaceuticals, minerals, farm produce processing industry to a certain scale; there are a number of local resources and industry characteristics have emerged one after another, a group with strong market competitiveness of products debut. Bayi ferroalloy plant is currently the country's largest manganese ferroalloy production base metal guest Indium Smelter Project annual indium output of the world's indium output of 1 /4; the city's 13 large and medium-sized sugar, total capacity of 50,000 tons pressing; planning a new industrial park in order to "high, a new, strong," as the goal, according to the Full-featured, advanced technology and beautiful environment of modern industrial park design, is now fully operational. Tourism prospects. Been referred to as "Zhuang Autonomous National Palace Museum" Xincheng County's Mo Ya Shu Tusi, is the largest of the existing Asia, to preserve the integrity of the buildings Tusi; have a "hot spring in the first China-South Africa," known as the State of Hua Chi Spa, is the leisure vacation Excellent place for; approximately 5 km of the cliff a hundred Wuxuan Daxia It is the best choice for adventure Xunyou; the church Su Shan, Lin Fa Shan unlimited scenery, as a whole is Dayaoshan national forest parks, state-level nature reserves, Dongnuanxialiang, fresh air is rare Summer resort; Zhuang's "three-March," Yao "Wang Pan Festival" national holiday to the rich Color; Laibin Shi is a well-known stone town, the Red River stones, Cao Hua-stone to various forms of high quality and well-known both at home and abroad, "Jia Tianxia stones guests" reputation.

  A good investment environment. Jian City in the past two years, construction of urban infrastructure and municipal construction progress by leaps and bounds The city is forming an integrated transport facilities, adequate water and electricity supply, advanced communications, urban infrastructure features of the new structure. At the same time, the city improve the efficiency of the Government, the business of "nanny" services for investors, create a good business park. French electrical group in the north, Asia Kang Mi Lo Co., Ltd., the British Sugar Industry Group, Guangdong Dongguan Sugar Corporation, and so on a large number of foreign countries, outside the large enterprises have settled in Laibin Shi. Guests, business investment is becoming a hot spot for home side.

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