Friday, December 12, 2008

Daisuke Hill eco-tourism zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanming is located in the urban area 15 kilometers north-west, covering an area of 12 square kilometers, the main peak of 1276.3 meters above sea level Daisuke Hill. Volcanic scenic spot for the typical landscape, a terrestrial volcanic sedimentary - volcanic structure, as shown in Gu Feng Yun, the most outstanding peaks of the landscape, a sculpture Feibao Artesian Bore Baths, secluded cliff gorge, the pictographic Ling The image of tourism. Climate in the region, vertical differentiation apparent in the summer heat, winter cold, cool autumn Nuan, King into the four seasons. Mount blessed with a long history, scenery, the beautiful legend. That "Fujian Annals", money, "Sand County", in "Annals of Fujian" Daisuke has a considerable length about the scenic spots, Yan Zuo Feng, Rock stars, Wang You rock, rock Jiang Mo, Tianwei Stone, possession of cloud dock, goes to the hole ... ... all records. Daisuke Shan Yi Ren has to be an auspicious holy places, the mountain has Puzhao Si, incense very wang, since the Song Dynasty poet scholars have come to Daisuke Yinshizuofu Hill, Song Scholars, had abnormal Bingbushangshu Luo Fu Shi's praise. Whenever the Chinese on the 15th Five At considerable Sun Mountain with two things as the "Sun Tong-hui" strange phenomena - a symbol of Sanming.

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