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Horseshoe River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Horseshoe is none other than the most dangerous river, from Kunming did not expect so close to the case where there is risk of the odd scene.
Yi Liang in the county Geng Township home with a Nanpanjiang tributaries, called Zhangzibahe, on the river there are two sources, and the horseshoe Mingyue River River. All the rivers originate stem Marlon County, south into the territory of Yi Liang, millions of years Yi Liang quietly cutting the northern part of the karst plateau. Due to the deep canyon, very few people look at their profile, especially in the lower reaches of the river for a horseshoe, inaccessible, basically undeveloped virgin land.

River on the way to the moon before he had a horseshoe, a road bridge across the river, There are 20 to 30 meters high. From the look on the bridge continues, the two sides stand like a wall, Tengluo, stones in indomitable old trees grow. A large gap between the river, river rapids, rock beat, issued by the strange sound, it is estimated that there are underground river caves below, water echo sound. Have direct access to the riverside path, the huge rock formation can be camping on the wind Is still not bad.
Car door to the small village of Hill, no features, go to the moon river on foot. I do not know who took this image of a name - the moon, the moon if this night, what kind of scene? Settled where we are top of a cliff, is as deep as 100 meters below the cliffs Semicircle was an extension of several hundred meters, and perhaps this is the name on it! Raging river water from being impacted by the Shek Pik, had to make a U-turn away, surrounded by a forest of verdant peninsula. Xing, according to the description of the scenery is elegant, but it is actually in the atmosphere, can only be described as magnificent.

Down there , Who spent the way the whole way in Shek Pik on out, only like a rat, close to the cliff, walking gingerly. By the river, looking back looked to have a competitive Department falls from heaven, but because of upstream irrigation, water scarcity.
Through the way mice, it is to bridge the sheep, he will be able to challenge the Horseshoe. Village go directly to the sheep here, and Longtan Great Falls, Shunhe down 3 km to be able to interchange. Bridge to leave the sheep, undulating surface is not, Shan Shan attached to form a similar hilly topography, is not he. On the land do not know there are only a few hundred meters deep gorge, climb in Yabian, vertical, as the next, from irrigation The gap can be seen faintly in yellow Shui-Guang. The branches Fu Ye covered trail, I do not know how long there is no one left. The wet moss, mud, everyone can only be sitting on the ground, hands tightly Yezhu shrubs, weeds, walk slowly down bit by bit, but there are still a lot of thorn bushes. Road, close to cliff, only 20 -- 30 cm wide, sometimes in direct Yashang climbing. Is outside the bottomless valley, the slightest mistake, it will turn free-fall. What is terror, the operator now has experience, the head of the Khan, then to Tangxia. Finally come to a standing capacity of the two places, like Xiekou Qi, was found in all of a sudden stop To the left of the roots, or a decrepit trees. Finally down to the bottom and lower leg is trembling, the Liangyanfazhi.

Standing on the river rocks to see through air, waves the shore. There must be no risk of the Kai King, if Shunhe drifting down what would be the stimulation! How happy!
In appropriate There is a beautiful valley can not be left out, and that is Chaishitan Reservoir, along the South River on the site of the dam, 33 km form the canyon, Tang Yang yacht in between the green mountains and blue waters, it must be another Feel it.

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