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Place chicken Mabi gold - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanmingshuixiu Kunming, the North Snake Pillow Hill, south Dianchi Lake, Kinmen and Matsu and Hill Bi-shan chicken things Jiazhi, relatively impermeable, doing Huguangshanse beauty. Kinmen and Matsu and Hill Linglong Weiyi, Bristol chicken Qiaoba Hill and steep, Kunming seen as East and West two famous mountains, the two are related to Hill. Monk has played in the late Ming Fu Shi:

Shut East-Kansai, Kinmen and Matsu not see Pitt chicken.

In the face of Acacia San Shili, when Kim Ji Ti Bi Masiran.

Yunnan is the myth of the kingdom since ancient times, Kim was Mabi chicken to give people a lot of beautiful myths and legends have been passed down until today. Ma Bi Kim concerning the myths and legends of chicken, the earliest All records in the historical records of the Han Dynasty is Ban Gu's "History of the Han Dynasty." According to the "Han", "Wang Bao Chuan" records: Han Xuan Wufeng three years, Sheng Yan FANG: Yizhou gold Mabi chicken god, worship result. As a result Xuan Han closed at the time of Sichuan for the well-known scholar Wang Bao Jian Yi doctor, to seek the Chijie. Zhu Man because of the rebellion, Road Blocking access, Wang Bao did not arrive in Yunnan only to the area of western Sichuan, wrote an article "Bi-chicken song" Yao Ji, the ode: "Chi Jie Wang Bao so, the distance Cliff al South, King changed the spirit of the Golden Horse misty Pitt's Chicken, Southern shortage of Shenzhen River Valley back to the non-rural territory. Return of the Return, Hand-free border, between Canton Tang Yu, Ze allocated San Juan Come see Huang Hui, White Tiger, Return of the Return, for Fallon. Guixixiangxi, what Nan Huang. "Wang Bao attempt by virtue of the" Hand-free border ", to write an elegiac address, payment will be Mabi chicken calls to the Mainland, of course, can only be nothing, Wang Bao and his return in the near future also died in the road. No wonder the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhao Lin "Bi-poem chicken" wrote:

Choi days a chicken dance, colored light in the hope that fans want.

Castle Peak into while you're bi, Wang Bao air from crossing Brazil.

Pitt's chicken and confusing, unpredictable Shen Huan, as well as for Wang Bao Bao, and so may not have summed up the story in such a short span of four lines of poetry . Home disgrace was well-known scholar in the Ming Dynasty in Yunnan's Yang Shen, Wang Bao transfer of gold chicken Mabi text above the old quarry area in the Western Hills in Kunming, the title and said: "The correct Chinese yuan, Han Biao words, the documents Dian, the test is still in Sri Lanka."

The Han dynasty, the golden chicken Mabi account of the most simple, and did not elaborate. Kim Mabi chicken study What, a variety of divergent interpretation, Yan Shigu and others explained: "The shape of a horse, like Pitt chicken." Which means central Yunnan Jinyu produced. Today, according to anthropology, ethnology, as well as the folklore point of view, gold is likely to Mabi chicken with the ancestors of ethnic minorities in Yunnan animal totem worship. In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Chu Chang " South Africa and China Zhi-Zhi Yang country, "Kim Mabi chicken and a little specific description:" Zhang Di, Shu Jun Wang Fu for Yizhou Prefecture, particularly of governance varies Shenma 4 out of the river ... ... Dianchi Lake, "" Elders Rumors, God pool horse, or to pay Yan, that is, Chun Ju-sheng, said the so-called 'horse Dianchi Lake', on line 500, "he said." Bi-chicken years The more common people. Chuan also Xiyou its Fengming, the natives call for Pitt chicken, as a result of that. "Also:" with Yu Shan (this Dayao, Yongren area) are chicken-bi, Kinmen and Matsu, and not limited lighting, mostly of the people ... ... "." Huayang country South Africa and China Zhi Zhi "Kim described the chicken Mabi That the minority at the time of our ancestors lived In the region may have appeared in animal totem worship of the faith. The totem worship associated with animals of all kinds of wonderful magical story will be woven out of people, have had a myths and legends.

Dianchi Lake in ancient times and large areas of western Yunnan and moist climate, lush vegetation, suitable for a variety of animals Keep a good environment for derivatives. According to the "Book of the Later Han Xinan Yi Chuan" set: "The county (county-yi) ... ... River land-open, more parrots, peacocks ... ..." a variety of indigenous birds, such as chicken, chicken Qing, wild pheasants, peacocks and golden pheasant , And other groups living in the valley between the mountains, or take a stroll in search of food, or play chase, the gorgeous colors, Xuan The feathers of ethnic minorities by the love and worship of ancestors, is considered a symbol of good luck. "Bi-chicken" In fact, very likely is the legendary auspicious bird of Phoenix. It should be the prototype of South Africa and the common rare birds like peacocks. Their beautiful feathers, colorful, well-proportioned body, deportment China and the United States. A small number of people Plus there is their favorite ancestors, so rich with imagination, weaving a "chicken-Bi," the beauty myth. "Bi-chicken" green hairiness, in a time when Choi appeared often soar into the sky, dazzling; Fan Zhao went, SG, Tijiao clear when the voice of the far-right ... ...

Archaeological excavation also Table , The Han people living in Dianchi Lake and its surrounding areas Baiyue the tribal customs of a peacock worship. Jinning in Danzhai Jiangchuan Li Shan Mountains and the many bronze objects unearthed are engraved with a peacock design, in addition to the Zhangtou Peacock, Peacock bronze clasps decorated with the title of the snake, and so on. In particular Danzhai Hill on the 12th tomb of the "curse of UNITA" scene storage bay cover , Has carved a woman in order to feed the snake scene of the peacock on the Peacock clan Baiyue generally love and worship that is auspicious bird of happiness. "Book of Mountains and Seas at the South by Hill," said: "like a chicken, and colorful, fine-sounding name Phoenix. Is also a bird, a natural diet, since the song from the dance, then see peace in the world." Phoenix " Like a chicken "and" colorful and the text "and the characteristics of the" chicken-Bi "is indeed very similar, only the" chicken-bi "myths and legends there are more areas of national and regional characteristics.

Dianchi Lake, and large areas of central Yunnan have long known horse to the middle class, while the spring and summer grazing on the cliff Juegu; autumn and winter are put in a paddy field grass Service Ma and the inhabitants are ethnic minorities living closely related to the campaign, packtrain, farming ... ... None of the Lide Kai Ma. People have a favorite horse to increase, even as wealth. Archaeological excavations can prove it. End of the twentieth century, archaeologists Guandu district in the sheep just the first in the Eastern Han tomb in a cemetery to explore a model for a bronze horse, 105 cm, 32 cm wide, 107 centimeters high, the split cast. So large bronze horse, and even models in the Dianchi Lake is the first time found in central Yunnan. Iris Tan, "Hai Yu Heng Dian Chi" set: "Ma several times in the middle of Yunnan, which contains a chi-gun lobby with a certain county, and also how narrow." Also: "South Africa and customs in order to Livestock for the rich, the only multi-Ma. "It is precisely because of people's horse in the production and living play an important role, which our ancestors to give minority Ma magical legend is also very natural.

Kim Mabi chicken in the Han Dynasty should be specifically refers to the name of God, not Hill, but "Man" of the relevant records, at least in the Generation ago, the name of God Mabi chicken has been gradually into the mountain 000. Fan Cheuk Tang Dynasty's "Man" talking about: "Golden Horse Hill East Extension in South Luoshan more than twenty years, more than ten feet high, with the chicken-bi Dongnanxibei relatively Hill, Tu Su-yun, Xi You, Kinmen and Matsu are often in the mountains, There are shrines. "" Bi chicken Hill, Chi-Kun in the West Bank, with East relatively impermeable ... ... "in the Tang Dynasty, Buddhism in Yunnan Province, due to a strong proponent of the rulers and the rise gradually, the chicken Mabi the myths and legends of Buddhism also evolved into the story. According to Zhang Yuan Dynasty Road were," said Gu Dian Chi " : "Zhou Xuan Wang, Mo Yeti India State Health Ashoka three sons, said MicroMax long, said Wang Tak times Shitoku meeting said. Three sons, all health-yong, as a result of God the Father Ji, the site is indisputable. Wang never monensin, about Naiming said: 'I will of God even if Chi-chi away, there could be up to the Lord. 'Vertical Ji Ben East, sub-quarter of Dongshan have to go to Yunnan's, as a result of Kinmen and Matsu to the Hill; second eldest son to the Western Hills, Bi Feng set in the mountains, Feng called for the people of Yunnan chicken, as a result of Bi for chicken; to Kitano, after the second son, Liu Tun did not return. Concerned Ashoka, Jiu Shi sent soldiers to greet the gods, in order to stop the Ailao Yi, was the Yunnan, the main mountain, for the death of God. "Ashoka is the ancient Phoenician India's rulers, in power when converted to Buddhism and became devout Buddhists. In this highly Education and the myth of color in the story, the chicken Mabi by the ancient ancestors of the animals spontaneous deity worship was to be turned into Buddhist figures (Prince Edward Ashoka), which means that people's worship of Kim Mabi chicken that is respected Buddhist At the same time, this is the use of folklore to promote Buddhist teachings of the most obvious example. Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty years Wu Sangui rebellion, the Qing Dynasty, the ruling class and the use of gold Mabi chicken myth in an attempt to put down the insurgency that is the day to help the Qing. According to the Sun Daijiong "Kunming County," contains: 27 years of Emperor Kangxi (1688), the Qing generals Reuters Kunming Cheng Pui-Lvjun siege, troops in the foothills of Kinmen and Matsu, "Ma Teng Jin Xiang Night's Dream, and the city of tomorrow . "As a result of the Qing Dynasty rulers decided to rebuild Ling Temple (Temple, Kinmen and Matsu).

As the golden chicken Mabi Jixiangruyi symbol, reflecting the people's yearning for a better life and the pursuit of thousands of years hence, its legend has been three earth winding widespread. Kunming people Mabi Gengshi Ba Jin chicken as its cities Zheng, praised it, praise it, leaving a lot of beautiful poems ... ... Among them, there is no lack of Wong Tai Guanlou long beard Sun Alliance, "Xiang Dong Shen Jun, Zhu Ling-yee of the West," such famous through the ages. Mabi was to commemorate the golden chicken, chicken Mabi gold in the Mountain foothills of the construction of the shrines, Kinmen and Matsu and the chicken-bi shrines, and the city of Kunming in the construction of the Golden , Bristol Second Place chicken, and the Second Place where the road is named Jinbi Road.

It is worth mentioning that Kinmen and Matsu, two chicken Bristol Square in Kunming city was well-known scenic city and a symbol. It is located in Kunming Cheng at the southern end of the traditional axis, that is the way today Jinbi Road intersection and justice, built in the Ming Dynasty Xuande Between. Kinmen and Matsu for the East Square, Bristol West for chicken Square, Square, separated by about two tens, all-wood structure Gate Tower of St. Paul, Qiaojiao cornices, and powerful want to take off, magnificent momentum, with the love-chung Square Dingzuerli a "goods" Three Square. Kinmen and Matsu, two chicken Bristol Square following the completion of the Bingxian repeatedly, and many reconstruction. 10-year Guangxu (1884) cloud CEN Yu-ying Governor presided over the Golden reconstruction Mabi Place chicken in the last century in the late 1960s were removed. Old, "Jinbi Jiao Hui" in Kunming was the "Eight" one of the word in a given year on this day of the Mid-Autumn evening, the sun Xi Chen, the afterglow follow-bi Place chicken reflection of the move to the east, and at this time, the moon Dongsheng , Place a light reflection Kinmen and Matsu to the west Mobile, the two sides reflection of the Square and the line gradually near the end with the handover will be, that is, "Jinbi Jiao Hui" wonders, is said to be 60 years.

As the gold Mabi Place chicken as a symbol of the city has long been deeply rooted in the minds of the people of Kunming In 1998, Jinbi Road extension, the Kunming City People's Government in reconstruction of gold once again Mabi Second Place chicken, the new gold Mabi Second Place chicken momentum even more magnificent, even more resplendent ... ... Today, Kunming not only their own home, said "Zhongxiu, Kinmen and Matsu, Bi-Ching Cheung chicken", then take off Fenti of Kinmen and Matsu, Kang cited high Pitt's representative of the chicken is not only the history of a magical and beautiful legends, it is today in Kunming city full of vigor and vitality, and vibrant symbol. With the new modern Kunming, the implementation of the strategy, the chicken Mabi home tomorrow will be better.

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