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Jiu Xiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cave of the International Association, the state-level AAAA tourist areas, national key scenic spots, ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification area - Jiuxiang scenic spot, 90 km from the provincial capital Kunming, from the famous Stone Forest Scenic 28 km. Cave on the landscape The main, outside of natural scenery, cultural, ethnic customs into one comprehensive scenic spot.
  Yiliang County is located in scenic areas Jiu Xiang Yi Jiu Xiang Hui Nationality Township in the territory. Has been completed, including an open-stack and the Hongqiao area of the building will be large bar area, the Arab-long scenic road, the moon Lake (that is, Chaishitan Reservoir) Horseshoe scenic river.
  Located in the scenic Jiu Xiang Yi, Hui and Miao live in the mountains, climate Wenliang, no winter cold and summer heat with an average temperature of 14.6 ?. With continuous rise amid scenic Jiu Xiang, China rivers, trees Yin-mao. Is a typical karst landform. Jiu Xiang scenic river through the territory of a number of One run-off area of more than 100 square kilometers of the river have set the South of the river system, the Department of wheat fields and the river Zhangzibahe through the water system.
  Jiu Xiang cave cattle in the first group of eastern Yunnan Province is located in northern Hebei, Shanxi. Hole in the development group since before the age-old Liu Yinian Sinian Dengying Formation of the shallow sea sediments off-white with bands of siliceous dolomite in Hard, brittle, broken physical attributes is well known. Jiuxiang a cave-hung, dangerous, extraordinary and the United States, and other characteristics, there are five specific areas: the number of more than 9 in 66 large and small cave there, merging groups; large-volume, rugged caves, ambitious, Kongkuo, magnificent ; Full range of types, almost all concentrated in the province of the cave scenic areas The type of landscape; thousands of stalactites, there are not strange; cave own characteristics: Wolong majestic open hole, the vast deep; Goddess Temple pleasant scale, rich layers; Kong Kuo-white grand, powerful gas heat; old dry hole is vertical and level of solution-phase solution The combination of classic and scientific value; three-hole powerful vision, crude , Kongkuo, deep; large bar and a half hillside cave in the dense forest, stalactite cave-full, dazzling, vivid image.
Gap Christmas - one inside the country's largest canyon, the largest canyon of gap, there are hundred meters. Its formation is constantly under the bed and cut Pichu, then travel to open up the road, people climbing wall and , A minor careless mistake will fall into the abyss, the tragic incidents, workers used a rope suspended from the waist in order to work, and that abnormal situation thriller, the soul is the heart afraid of flying. To mark the opening of this dangerous experience, so named Gap Christmas.
Wolong hole - two-hole Feibao as high as 30 meters, low-flow season for 2-3 months Meters /second, two flood seasons combined waterfall, such as a giant Huanglong, from the sound of a crash on a cliff, however, will be hard to distinguish male and female.
Bian Fudong - therefore the development of the former hole in the tens of thousands of bats inside the cave, named after the habitat, as the development of the cave, much to visitors, who will move the bat. Now they are merely holes were also An undeserved reputation. The landscape is the main hole of a stalactite hanging upside down - down on the ground floor stone forest landscape.
  Within the coverage area of vegetation, it also has more variety, Yunnan pine, the coniferous forests, such as pine and oak trees, camphor wood, and other mixed broad-leaved forest, lush green trees and green vegetation chang bluff, Feng Zi Xiangyingchengqu cave, The The overall outlook of the area's vegetation. Scenic areas within the entire Cang Qiao Li cliffs, deep gorges; Songtao scream, cry fine singing birds; Diyin flowing water, waterfalls roar, showing that the nature of the Wild and fresh.
  In addition, the area is the ancient site of human habitation: the formal approval of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage carried out the rescue excavation of the opening hole left . Department of Wu Wannian or even earlier to 10,000 years of Paleolithic cave sites, Yunnan Province, proposed the first cave museum, Yunnan Province is the birthplace of one of ancient human. Yi ancestors carved cliff: Jiu Xiang Yi ancestors carved cliffs reach more than 80 pieces, some of its creation in 2000 during the pre-Qin and Han Dynasties era, in Yunnan Province for the first time within the Department of hair With a wide range of features and value.
  Jiu Xiang surface landscape unique resources, both Zhu Lin Xiu, the flowers of the mountain forest vegetation, the complex topography and other natural landscape; and customs of the rich, rare ancient cliffs carved caves and ancient ruins as a category, such as human Feng Jing . These landscape and Under the cave, so that the scenic Jiu Xiang more comprehensive, more attractive.
Others are open-stack Hongqiao cave of the 10 scenic spots are as follows:

First, Canyon sightseeing elevator.
Second, the charming beauty of - Gap Chui Yin. Yunnan has the reputation of being the first quiet Gap, Gap 1,000 meters long, tour boat Many writers in the shade poet Cui Gap left many beautiful poems, also known as Gap Chui Yin Qing Rengu.
Third, the soul-stirring - Gap Christmas. At present, is found most spectacular on the ground floor of the Grand Canyon.
Fourth, the square on the ground floor - Lions Hall. Lions Hall with a total area of 15,000 square meters, the world's One of the largest square on the ground floor hall, can accommodate tens of thousands of people gathered here.
V. Linglong visible - Fairy Cave. Cameroon for the typical hiss special characteristics of the underground scenery, the exquisite stalactite visible, absolutely wonderful, giving people a sense of Rulin in Wonderland.
Six or earth-shattering - male and female waterfall. Two of three falls Ya Shang-meter-high sound of a crash, however, deafening, like the two romantic couples Nanfennanshe, earth-shaking momentum, as the Yellow River hung upside down in general.

Seven wonders of the world - Kanda. Kanda KIWI magnificent scenery and full of flavor country, the world's rare for a major spectacle, the international reputation of cave experts In the world.
Eight strong customs - Zhai Yi Jia. In the depth of 100 meters underground in the world, there are unique style of landscape Yi Jia.
Nine, the wind bent stone - stone forest was on the ground floor. Bian Fudong is characterized by stalactites hanging hung upside down, as long stone forest was the general.
10, Hill had an inter-sink - Jiuxiang You ropeway. The last 1,000 meters Ropeway span, such as a Feihong across Castle Peak in between Chui Ling.

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