Friday, December 12, 2008

Crystal Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crystal Springs from the city of Zunyi County Suiyang Gold Land Investment Company, a wholly-owned development, a national geological Shuanghe hole first construction project, plans a total investment of 3,000 million yuan; the first phase of the current input more than 15,000,000 yuan. Mountain accounted for, the waters more than 120 hectares of sub-Pao Yu hot spring, hotel, accommodation, catering, squares, Park fishing, ecological parks, business and administrative area.

  Crystal Springs water and the water temperature is very stable, year round water temperature of 46oC ~ 51oC degrees per day more than 2,000 tons of water. 1,500 meters deep undercurrent. Cycle time more than in 1300. Crystal Hot Springs in time for the formation of the "Cambrian" Generation, 10 million years ago. Its original population exposed to a cold-Quan Yin and Yang. Shuanghe hole from the center of the state-owned geological park area only 8 km. Away from the historic city of Zunyi Road distance of 86 km, Zunyi Suiyang to Crystal Springs Road at the provincial level, the entire process only 90 minutes to arrive.

  Crystal Springs by the Geology and Mineral Resources Identification of specialists in the field: a "sulfide, re-carbonate, high-strontium, carbon dioxide," hot spring, Crystal Springs is also rare in the world's carbon dioxide-Quan, dioxane on behalf of its carbon content of 42. 5MG /L. Stephen contained the radioactive element radon. For the content of 539.9 cents Baker /or. Consult medical experts: " "Cancer has a role in cancer; beauty with carbon dioxide to dead skin, the horny skin, muscle, such as the role of Health rot; radon have softening blood vessels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol has a unique effect. Crystal-rich hot springs of dozens of trace elements. Efforts of the management of hematopoietic function, skin, rheumatism, rheumatoid, arthritis and other diseases Good effect.

  Crystal Springs pond all kinds of vegetables in 28: a large pool of bubble, bubble pearl Pool 6, pharmaceuticals, beauty, health, leisure pool 16; indoor pool VIP bubble 3, standard indoor swimming pool, spa pool all a big bubble , A 300 square meters lounge; leisure, entertainment A number of rooms. Bars, tea, song and dance halls are equipped. Standard hotel, luxury suites, a number of luxury suites; first to offer more than 100 beds.

  Catering hall more than 800 square meters, 8 private rooms, well-known chefs from Po field "are not allowed to" Chef; launch various types of cuisine and features Jiuzhai Jane rare wild. At the same time, can accommodate 300 people dining. At the same time also received 260, 100, 30 more than the various conference rooms; and for meeting with the media, rear projection, and projection facilities, and so on.

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