Friday, December 12, 2008

When Yang's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mingxi in the county, 10 km east of the Dragon Lake. Yang is a famous Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism, its Kameyama, who have been in the industry-Hao, Cheng Yi brothers, the first two-way into Fujian Science, Science to create a "Department of Road South." When Yang, there are from the Luo Yan, Li Dong, Zhu Xi-phase succession. Zhu Xi to, and for the development of the "Lian Xue" Luo Xue "and" related study "and said" Min school. "As a result, when the title of Yang," Xue Min originator. "Kameyama home was built in the Song and destroyed after the fire, only Chong-year period (1628 ~ 1644) satellite built by the lattice door of St. Paul Pillar, the Qing Emperor Kangxi period (1662 ~ 1722) to build the Place de Star Stone "Yang's Hometown Mountain," "Heaven and Earth Germany allocation", "with the topic of South East Road" and the stone plaque. Kameyama in the vicinity of the so-called cap Brunei Hill, in order to form its name. There are caves in the mountains turtles, Walled Whitehead, Phoenix rock, waterfall process, such as Stephen King. Kameyama, thousands of stalactite cave, dripping Perennial Dong Ding, still cool summer; Walled Whitehead for the limestone, Stone named White, Gufeng out, have Walled top stone temple, the temple is the Western Hills 000; Phoenix Rock, halfway up the mountain in the shade of pine trees, a stone shaped like Phoenix got its name. Yang is often less when reading this.

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