Friday, December 12, 2008

Yuantong Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuantong Hill is located in the northeast corner of Kunming, shaped like a willow, a narrow north-south and from east to west, with a total area of about 26 hectares, Kunming is to watch the content of the richest, most visitors to the park. One flower lake, animals, temple, was still attractive.
Yuantong Hill is a display of animal-based integrated Park. Existing More than 140 kinds of objects, more than 1,000 only. In these rare birds and animals, Yunnan's Xishuangbanna Buffalo specialty, Mengla tiger, peacock, and other animals, from Yunnan to see this "Animal Kingdom" the epitome of. There are also giant pandas, tigers, red-crowned cranes in China, and other rare animals. Also from all over the world Zhen Animals, such as African lions of the African zebra, ostrich, kangaroo, such as Australia.

Yuantong the mountains there are many unique design, unique style pavilion, Zhong Yan generous "pro-Ting Chui," Linglong visible "to cool Pavilion" and "Nie Er Ting," "moon pavilion." In the near Yuantong , Ting Kok was a three Siamese kiosk surrounded by the Quartet, called a "cassock Xia Pavilion" Zhong Yan 1.80 have been three of the four-party pavilion is surrounded on all sides for rare. In the south-east corner of the Ming Dynasty City Wall, a group of rock storage, it is like a bird's eye view of the sheep are running, has become a well-known "sheep to a pot of" spots, No amazing people. Above a booth, it's a matter of course civil known as "booth to see the sheep." A variety of different booths Qi Hui Kok Tsui mountain, both in the mountains for a new King, for the provision of public open space and appreciation to the good place.
Yuantong the top of the hill there is a great round, "Tang tomb", Yunnan is well-known Sim? Quot; re - Uprising, "the leader of the tomb of Tang Jiyao, he's modern history, Yunnan has made contributions to the development. Tomb of the hall like construction, stone pillars Diaogong fine, historic and artistic value. Tang in the grave after the children entertainment area, a small Train, horse power, bumper car and many other entertainment for children.

Toriyama, the flower district are intertwined, Four Seasons flowers, plum district, area sweet-scented osmanthus, Camellia District, Rose, and other areas. In particular, Yang Chun March, thousands of cherry trees, Malus Chuisi open competition, the park has simply become an ocean of flowers, flowers in the world. Each year "on March 8 International Women's Day" before and after a few days, from morning to night every day people Reviews, to appreciate each other into Yuantong Hill "Yuantong wave of flowers," the magnificent landscape. There were flowers, beauty, singing, laughter, it is intoxicated. "Yuantong wave of flowers" is the name of Kunming, one of the King.

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