Friday, December 12, 2008

Germany monument of Nanzhao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali City, west of the village of Tai Wo Nanzhao city in ruins, stands a black piece of Bricks - Germany Nanzhao of the monument, known as "Yunnan's largest monument." Monument 3.02 meters high, 2.27 meters wide and 0.58 meters thick. 40-line inscription carved positive, about 3800 more than words. Beiyin 41 books engraved lines set out in detail Qing Nanzhao Officer, General Cao six long title and name, but after thousands of years of ups and downs, only eight-character inscription. Legend has it that inscription for the Nanzhao official Zheng Qingping Suozhuan back to the Tang Liu Yu-ray Nanzhao Royal Court to write. The main inscription extolling the Court of Fung Logica Wenzhiwugong and described the Nanzhao, of the Tang Dynasty and the relationship between the Tubo to The causes of wars and after that the disaffection of the Tang Dynasty as a last resort, and with the hope and good wishes of the Tang Dynasty. Monument to the study of the Yunnan ethnic history, the history of Tibet are the kind of valuable information.

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