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River water area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River water, the ancient West said Waterinfo, Hirakawa high water, water-Ru Wei, Dong Lu Mountain originated in the territory of the urban and rural open Heicigou brain, flows through north Guyuan, Haiyuan, one mind, in the county, such as Ning, Zhongwei of the spring into the west side of the Yellow River, flowing into the territory of the Yellow River in Ningxia is the largest, longest tributary, in the process of the territory of the region Guyuan 18 Kilometers (straight line), the basin area of 8499.6 square kilometers, the average annual runoff of 165,000,000 cubic meters. By the impact of climate as a whole, the volume of river water is getting smaller and smaller, arid and semi-arid to show the characteristics of the river.
Historically, the river water is the platform of indigenous life and reproduction rates of local Gengmu Also learn from each other minorities in the north of the place; water to the valley is the ancient Silk Road Guyuan part of the territory, Hsiao is also a part of the old customs; even more ancient minority in the north of the Central Plains into the main channel. Now, the river water the size of a large number of ancient sites, is the history of war remain in the water The two sides in miniature. Li Yuan Road, in his "Shui Jing Zhu" will be water to the river, into a small tributary, flows through the place, and so on are clearly stated.

River water is a national key scenic spot scenic spot -?????core areas, state-level experts at the national level scenic spots. Is ra Canyon rafting at the source line, the area 31 km away from the city, the area falls within a group, the two sides of the original ecological well-preserved, very spectacular karst wall. There are spectacular scenic peaks, tall and straight in the first railway in the world Takahashi, hung, extraordinary and dangerous show, for the quiet one of the Gutter to crack. Pearl's full of pathos Xia Falls, 11:00 pm - 5:00 p.m. There are several interwoven article from the Rainbow Canyon beauty. The largest concentration of terraced cliffs, magnificent caverns of the strange and deep-rooted plants and the old millennium. Long Night of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial rock paintings, beautiful rain Bruton doline people, and the Red Army Long Bridge, the ancient Ying Pun, and other charming beautiful landscape, culture Yun deep, experts methotrexate poem: "Ren stand like a wall a thousand and one in the water stream, waterfall flying group, were drawn into the Tour" is the best choice for tourists to visit. There are scenic wonders of the world, "Takahashi railway in the world, the world's most beautiful people doline, the world's most magical seam in the Gutter, the world's smallest terraced cliffs, the world's most clear Qingquan Flow colorful group Waterfall. "

River water rafting ecological profile

The total length of 26 km river, about 3 hours of time drifting from the world's first railway bridge to the river water Takahashi ra Bridge. Drift Riparian the ecological well-preserved, clean water, is the only????? Had not been contaminated section of the river. There are scenic spots, "water corridor" and "Green Palace", 30 Beach, Bay 16, 18 Tam, 3 Promenade natural lake swimming, drifting narrowly, the waves push a boat, heroic people Dayton Health. River water in the area with drift, so you with a natural river and the gap in the seam Wall feelings of the Seven Wonders of nature, natural feelings of baptism, back-to-nature experience, challenges of natural fun, too dangerous shoals wear Bilang, a soul-stirring, Xiangpi Zhou also quietly take you experience this unique "narrowly" Our tour guide from beginning to end with Miss You "playing heartbeat, feel the magic." 998 years of Chinese canoeing competition here was a success.

River water area with the Nanning-Kunming Railway, 324 National Highway, such as the establishment of the Max-Planck-road-distribution situation, the Nanning-Kunming Railway Station in Hexi water, the East Station is also inside the area, the traffic is convenient.

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